Tribute to Billy Mays

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We look at grave stones and marvel not at their construction, but at the life of the person they commemorate. I am by no means a great artist, but I have poured every last bit of my limited flash skill into this tribute.

Billy Mays was a guy who was impossible to dislike. Every time I saw one of his infomercials on television, I was happier afterwards, even if I didn't realize it.

Now, Billy Mays is giving pitches to angels, and I would be willing to bet that more than a few of them are willing to pay that $19.99 for whatever he is selling to them.



I miss you Billy.

R.I.P Billy.

I really will miss his comercials, even though some people might be annoyed by his yelling, make jokes about him dieing, and just be rude,but i never thought like that. He was a very cheerful person, and he had a huge heart. And I think he died from having a big heart, not from hitting his head. When I first heard the tragic news, I was in NY vacationing. A friend told me and I said,"Yeah right! No way! Are you serious? I love that guy, theres no way he can be dead!" and the friend told me it was true. At that moment, I was actually crying. It doesn't matter if you didn't know the person personally, but just the fact that a great person like him died is a sad one. I swear, that if he really is up there, then he'll be spreading his cheeriness and selling his great products to the angels(Who i think will enjoy the products!). I hope that Billy Mays Jr. will follow in his fathers steps, so that we can always remember his cheeriness, even though it will never be the same without the real Billy.This was a great tribute to him, and please, Billy, Rest In Peace.

Very good idea

Billy Mays was a very good person.A perfect salesman waith a smile thats always on his face.what i am trying to say is Billy Mays you will be missid by many people.

a real shame

obviously i didn't know the guy. but he seemed like a good salesperson. and he didn't sell totally bogus stuff. it mostly was legit from what i got. looks like i wont ever buy anything off tv again.

Goodbye Billy...

It's just so sad that we lost such a great pitchman like Billy. What makes it even more tragic was that it was less than a month from his birthday,

R.I.P. Billy Mays, you will be missed.

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