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Doug Funny Fight !!!

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I havent submitted anything to this site in years! I used to make flash animations all the time when I was younger. Im now a VFX artist dealing with alot of video. Because I still love doing animations, I thought it would be cool to integrate video with flash! Kind of like Roger Rabbit style.

A few years ago me and my friends at 3 in the morning filmed this crappy version of a doug funny fight (you can see my friend sleeping in the background! ha!) It was filmed on a picture taking camera and edited pretty fast and not as much effort. You can see it here!:

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/281557

I now took that video to the next level, filming it on an HD camera, adding shadows and other visual elements. The video took forver to edit! Because of cutting out my friend (having Pattie seem as if she's behind him etc.)

I love how the final video came out and think it's hilarious, hope you like it as well!

Feel free to leave comments and tell me what ya think! And Pattie...call me ;)

** I know its a little short! - I have read alot of your reviews and I know it is indeed short but it took extremly long to make, that last shot took 8 hours! I had to make a special effects shot for my class and I chose this as an idea haha...and by the time the class ended I got this many shots.

The length will seem much better once I get a stop and play preloader going, I just gotta figure that out again, havent used flash in years!


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Lol nice.


why is this teen it should be for anyone

way too short buddy

Well although I found this to be a well animated and well voice acted short. But that was the biggest problem with this movie. I felt like 15 seconds long. I did think it was funny but I was really expecting more. And there was no reason to cut it off so early either! So I deeply dissapointed by how simple this video was. I can see you were trying for something but I just thought that this lacked effort.


hey it could have been more fighting

that was funny when that guy got punched in his fa

omg that was funny