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Special Delivery Pizza

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Author Comments

This flash game is a prototype of a game that was being developed for a Flash 2 Class being IMED 2435. The issue that was not able to be resolved upon making the game was a flashing glitch problem in actionscript 3.0. Because of that, the game was not completed and this came because of it. It was supposed to be a interactive zombie like being that was replaced with mentally ill or of the like persons struck and infected by the insanity virus. This is not the complete game and was just an alternative for a grade. The game instead is a platformer that you jump over the insane persons going from left to right on the screen saving innocent persons along the way.

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Good Game

Work on the graphics a little and make the jump last a little longer and you've got a VERY good game here and like Nivruc said it is a hidden gem.


Alright... Is this your first Full project? Either way, This game is sort of a hidden gem. I'd have to say... If this game were done with better programming/Graphics, It would take away the simplistic charm it shows. Once you get past the issues, its actualy very fun. Work it better, make it harder man. This game actualy seperates itself from some of the other platformers here.

Dsleaz responds:

well, thanks for the responses, guys, this project was really incomplete in many ways and it even wasn't the full game, I had a team of 2 other people that worked with me on this, and they left after the class was over. I am not a programmer and we had very many problems with the scripting and we were missing a great deal of the animations, so the project was rushed and slapped together for a grade at the last minute. All I can say is that if I could get a team back together again I could probably deliver the full game someday, but I'm still have to take the programming classes before I could do it fully myself and it's hard because if you make one mistake, it shows up everywhere. Again, I wasn't expecting any good responses so thank you very much everyone. : )

If i could program i would blam...

Whenever i would go to the edge of the right screen and its supposed to scroll with me...that wasn't happening. so i could walk over there, but not see what i was doing. as soon as i got killed, however, the screen would suddenly dart to where i was and show the insane person that killed me. very frustrating. the jumping was hard to control ... and the art wasn't even all that good.

but, i could not have done it. i am a free hand artist, not a computer programmer. so, you've done better than i could ever do. maybe you could go in and figure out if i'm the only one this is happening to. it could just be my computer...it doesn't seem to like this game much at all. if not, fix it. the jumping however i would probably be able to get used to if i had had a chance to really play the game.

It's like a Zombie Mario

Accuracy could use a little work. other than that I liked it!


Pretty decent platformer, but you don't need to put "flash game". otherwise, good stuff, decent gameplay, very fun

Dsleaz responds:

well I got stuck because someone else took the title and I needed to get it uploaded as opposed to not at all, so, I suppose you'll have to put up with the cliche' name for the moment until I get another one that wasn't taken. oh well : l

Credits & Info

5.00 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2009
9:10 PM EDT