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Madness Obliviation

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I added the preview to this to ng at one oclock (greenwich mean time) and it wasnt long enough so it got blammed :( but i spent the last 7 hours of my time animating dis shit so yeah...
Credits to krinkels and mc.net for sprites

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This is....boring. Video is too slow. No story or something. And could have some sound.

milford88 responds:

and you could commit suicide, we dont always get what we want

you've got the right idea

it just needs some animation work

milford88 responds:



the animation was ok..... but there was no sound and it was just the auditor killin people i think you can do better and i see promise in you

-needs sound
-work on the animation
-work on lke a story or plot

milford88 responds:

ok thanks for the constructive critisicism, unlike some pricks who just tell me 'its shit'

Cred, but not really

I gotta say, if it werent for the madness theme, i probably would have done 1/10. I could do this flash in 10 minutes.

milford88 responds:

fuck you this is my first anim dickwad


dragonrageX.. Im looking at ur accont.. BUT i can't seem to find any videos...
Weird... you said you can do better... but you have no flash videos...
Just seems like ur a fag and trying to make ur self look better then every one else :\

BTW great vid, just needs sound

milford88 responds:

thanks, totally agree with you