Kevin's Eighth April

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>>>I strongly reccomend you to watch 1st part, while this one will be loading.
>>>Kevin understood, that he can't live without friends, and decided to make a friend. He meets Mary, the nine-year old girl, and... watch, and you'll know.
>>>I know that bad part is animation, but I'm always working on it, and, on my opinion, this one Looks better than 1st part.
>>>If you Found an error or mistake in this movie, please, PM me and I'll fix it.
>>>Also, write, do you want to see third part?

Thank you.

EDIT: and yes, please don't think tha i am ungrateful moron. Thank you for daily 3rd and, of course, thanks for the frontpage.
EDIT_____ wanna laugh? :D :D one guy who is in my class, said about this one nxt words: " story is very banal and not interesting, it's too long, but GRAPHICS was good. 3 out of 5." omgwtf i was roflmaoing :D :D :D :D :D

and yes, don't forget to write reviews and describe, why did u voted so.



While watching, i really got the feeling that you've poured your soul into this. This was the kind of video that makes you feel calm an' warm an' all fuzzy inside :]

too cute

Seriously this is too cute, and the music only accentuates that fact. I loved it!


You're progressing well. :)

This is my rate for both flashes combined

I agree with the kid from your class. Also It's nice, simple, but original and relaxing style of animation and environment. The stories seem a bit pale though... Like, the first animation, that could just be done by looking at a picture, boy befriends snowman for loneliness, and then it melts. Where's the twist? Pretty much the same for finding the friend here, but still overall cute.

Great Job!

I enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed Kevin's last adventure, the only problem I had with it is the text is hard to read. A solution to this I found was do what you did when Kevin was thinking about giving her the apple when he asked to be her friend, so possibly use speech bubbles so the text isnt masked by the background. Anyways great job! 4/5, 8/5.

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4.00 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2009
3:21 PM EDT
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