Kevin's Eighth April

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>>>I strongly reccomend you to watch 1st part, while this one will be loading.
>>>Kevin understood, that he can't live without friends, and decided to make a friend. He meets Mary, the nine-year old girl, and... watch, and you'll know.
>>>I know that bad part is animation, but I'm always working on it, and, on my opinion, this one Looks better than 1st part.
>>>If you Found an error or mistake in this movie, please, PM me and I'll fix it.
>>>Also, write, do you want to see third part?

Thank you.

EDIT: and yes, please don't think tha i am ungrateful moron. Thank you for daily 3rd and, of course, thanks for the frontpage.
EDIT_____ wanna laugh? :D :D one guy who is in my class, said about this one nxt words: " story is very banal and not interesting, it's too long, but GRAPHICS was good. 3 out of 5." omgwtf i was roflmaoing :D :D :D :D :D

and yes, don't forget to write reviews and describe, why did u voted so.



Very good, it made me cry.


I agree with you, graphic are much better now(actually, I think they are perfect for this style of movie).
If I want to see a third part? Of course I do! You could even make a little series out of this(4 movies, 4 seasons, 4 emotions and/or part of his life).

I like the first one a bit more.

This one was good but the first one just seemed better. But this one was good, but sometimes sequels can't beat the original.

Oh well both were good. Hoping for a part 3.

Just like the first one you have hit a home run!

Kevin without his snowy friend becomes a peeping tom/stalker to a small girl named Mary eh? lol.

This was very well done again. Once again I enjoyed your animation, it's good. Don't be so hard on yourself. The music works well with it by setting the mood and directing the story. I find most flash without vocals that are like this are always well done. The artist generally makes sure he finds a tune that fits the mood and moves the story forward. I like the little story itself. I am not into the cutesy stuff myself but I will tell you that it warms the heart seeing Kevin finally realize his dream of a friend... A real one not made out of snow either... lol.

Part 3 he will try to find the perfect pet right? Trying out all kinds of animals till he finds the goldfish of his dreams... After being mauled by a dog and scratched by a cat. lol.

The only thing I wonder is if you make a part 3 which I assume is going to be in summer, will he still be wearing the damn parka? I live in Canada and when it gets to about 5 outside after a cold winter, people start walking around in t shirts and shorts. lol...

Well done though, very well done! Keep up the good work.


too cute for me but i like it :)

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4.00 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2009
3:21 PM EDT
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