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A very easy general knowledge quiz! Also I am 10!

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best game on newgrounds

ummm.... was that it?

OK first of all... it took me 10 secs and i got 100%.
To make a better quiz:
1) More questions
2) Harder questions
3) Better Graphics
4) Add sound
5) Look at other quizzes and take ideas BUT don't spam the impossible quiz idea, its waaaaaay overdone

flamingjoe responds:

That was about half of it I was going to see the suggestions and add the stuff that they siad, So there will be music, more questions, harder questions and it won't take you back to the begining.


Well, you obviously have more Flash skills than me (not that I even have Flash), so congrats. But this game is.... a bit shaky. This is EXTREMELY short - i don't see this being useful for more than 3 seconds. I would probably add on a few more questions and some sort of "Oops - You got 42%. Try Again" page. Other than that, pretty good flash.

flamingjoe responds:

Yer thanks I just wanted to see if the first half was good enough to not get blammed. I will add music on the second version and put in more questions.

Your age doesn't make it ok

Seriously, aside from all the crap images and terrible spelling mistakes this was a 10 second quiz which had:
A) No sound
B) No animation
C) Plain awful buttons

Rethink the above at least before you next submit something here, otherwise you are very unlikely to get anything through judgement.

Not bad

Some more questions would be good, and also, if you get it wrong, you could continue, and at the end the score could be other than 100%. But that needs some more complex actionscripting.

Anyways, nice start. Keep it up.

flamingjoe responds:

Yer I was trying to let you continue but I was having problems on Serif DrawPlus X2. But I am making a newer version with music and more question.

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2.31 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2009
4:33 PM EDT
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