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Can I Axe You Something?

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He would later admit to having a good time doing it.

**EDIT** I am currently making a sequel to this called "Batter Up!".
It will have smoother animation, a storyline that makes more sense, and the bat in this case plays a large role in it. I cannot currently set a release date but I will update you on the progress peridocially.



A variant on stuff I've seen done before. Not bad, but certainly nothing special or unpredictable.

My only real complaint is that the title doesn't correlate well with the video. The axe should either have a bigger role in the vid, or the vid should be called something else.


I didn't know that you could cock weapons (that randomly fell out of the sky, no less) by punching them. Also, you may want to fix the last 2 seconds of the video, because he walks like he's got his shoelaces tied together.

weedmachine23 responds:

Have you ever seen an AUG? There is a slide on the side that you push down to cock (usually by hitting it with your fist). With the MAC10 he is using, there is a slide on the top which you pull back, which is exactly what he is doing.


Well, I've seen worse madness subscriptions. You should make it longer, also the axe should play a bigger part if it is in the title.

at least you're working hard

well, like pjorg, it's very simple, but at least is a move to your flash progress, try hard and make better, and you will get 10's and 5's, good work anyway


Its Funny But Too Short

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Jun 26, 2009
2:23 PM EDT
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