[KK]Cocknose Strikes Back

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*Don't auto zero on the intro or the subject, it's the cartoon itself that counts ;) *

"A pillow with a cock for a nose takes revenge on his creators."

Reviews would be nice.

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Amazing, this would be frontpaged if you didnt have a load of douchebags fagging up your score.

Awesome animation and funny ending and storyline. I enjoyed it.

Voodoo responds:

Frontpage would be awesome, but there might be a little too much cock for that haha

DURURRrrh Aouto Zerro!!1

Screw that.
The animation was nice, but a tad repetitive with movieclips. What I mean by that is the puke animation and the fire animation. They weren't quite as smooth and as I said, repetative.
The art was fun. I like that style. Also, good use of cock jokes
I DUINT LAIK DE INTRO!! Haha keep it up.

Voodoo responds:

Thanks, I know what you mean, the puke and fire didn't look too good to me either, but I was really too lazy to change it.

Holy shit.

This is epic. The drawings and animation look pretty nice and fluent too.

Great job.

Voodoo responds:

Glad you liked it. Seems like every douche-bag autozero's on the intro these days. :/


had some really nice animation, man.
yaseo, if you cant handle cock jokes get off newgrounds lmao

so yeah anyways i love it

Voodoo responds:

And I love your Oh no you didn't flash. I borrowed one of your ideas too if you didn't notice ;)

okay then...

the dick has a nazi symbol on it...6?

Voodoo responds:

Sure does