Boxbot 2

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Shall you are box?

Arrow Keys - Movement
Space or Up Arrow - Jump
M - toggle music


Because all the other reviews sucked

Fact: Anyone who doesn't like this game is just frustrated because they can't beat it.
Hell, neither can I, but I still can't deny its brilliance.

Still, it's got nothing on Chad Punches Old Ladies.

There are some well known evils if video games

This plat-former although fluid in controls and has a nice jumping hieght is trash. When I cam to the second level I was furious when I saw that you had a jumping challenge where one was squeezed between spikes on the left and you had to jump left anf up, but it seems that the creater must have been in the nazi youth of plat-form games because level 4 had you jum in a hallway where the there are gaps in the floor exposing spikes and the ceiling is twice the height of you with spikes and you jump four times your freaking height.

Actually pretty good

Very bland, (i.e. no death animation, very little sound) but other then the blandness it's a pretty good platformer.

The game becomes hard as fuck on the second level. you demand perfection on the second and fourth levels. The learning curve needs re-working.


i think im the end is a decent plataform game but it nedds some improvement like more sounds and options of jump o a death animation a nice try a playabe game good luck

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Credits & Info

2.68 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2009
7:55 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop