Mega Zelby the RPG 3

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First off, sorry this one took so long to get out. I was busy with school work for the longest time and wasn't able to start work on this until just recently. But here it is, finally done, the third part of the series and a remake of the old one. Added a few more battles to this one to make up for the lack of battles in the last one. I've also added some timed hits to the battles so make sure to read the comabt tutorial before starting. With that said enjoy part 3!


This one is awesome...

...and probably the most challenging so far in the series. Holy s**t Megaman was tough. Does anyone know the password for the part after you beat Megaman. If anyone does, PM me or something and tell me. I'd appreciate it. Anyway, real hard episode here, still awesome, good luck with the next one. Hope it comes out soon.


good RPG

Game-Max responds:

thanks for the review :)


in battles I use the abilaties a lot

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Don't listen to the guy below me

I loved this. The RPG battle system was incredible and very enoyable to play. The guy below me is ust being an A$$hole

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Hells Yeah

This Was Really Fun to play did'nt take me long to beat. Good luck with your next project and i was glad to be a beta tester. To carborundum he made a typo when he made megaman's item say 3000 HP it heals 200 SP becuase megaman knows cure. Just thought that would clear up some confusion

Game-Max responds:

glad you enjoyed the flash. sorry about the typo. the text got changed when I added the kirby battle but it's been fixed now.

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Jun 25, 2009
7:46 PM EDT