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Mega Zelby the RPG 3

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First off, sorry this one took so long to get out. I was busy with school work for the longest time and wasn't able to start work on this until just recently. But here it is, finally done, the third part of the series and a remake of the old one. Added a few more battles to this one to make up for the lack of battles in the last one. I've also added some timed hits to the battles so make sure to read the comabt tutorial before starting. With that said enjoy part 3!


Tips in battles

-X can regenerate with SP, so dont waste your SP.
-If Zero execute too much attack breaks, will be some part in what some x`s attacks will be missed
-Try to block charge attacks, before they do a insane damage
-Kirby recharge items with SP, so dont waste your SP

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rate 5 dude

this RPG rocks!

wow ur RPGs kick ass.. lol took me a while to beat up zero :P You should add more chars in and some intence battling like with zero and megaman X :)

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too awesome


Game-Max responds:

glad you liked it :)

really awesome

ok now just gotta say to sounding447 the combat system was used way before this guy used it and it was from supermario rpg legend of the seven stars for the snes

But the series is fantastic

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