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Mega Zelby the RPG 3

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First off, sorry this one took so long to get out. I was busy with school work for the longest time and wasn't able to start work on this until just recently. But here it is, finally done, the third part of the series and a remake of the old one. Added a few more battles to this one to make up for the lack of battles in the last one. I've also added some timed hits to the battles so make sure to read the comabt tutorial before starting. With that said enjoy part 3!


aww come on

i was using the item creation and all i got was candy can someone tell me why?


looking forwards to more

Game-Max responds:

thanks for the review :)


This game is high quality: the animation was smooth, the history was good, the music and sounds were all right placed and the customs are very well done.
I liked the fact that there are little action scenes before the RPG fight and that you play with both characters in the first fight, and yet they have the same abilities (being on your control or being the CPU's).
I just think the game is kinda easy, after you understand how to play, you just have to keep using abilities, defending when the enemy charges an attack, using itens when low on HP/SP, and unleashing the limit breaker when fully charged. It's always like this to win. You should put more moves (with different impacts) to use or harder enemies, something to change strategy.
Putting more details to the game (like status from specific blows, stage influence, attack itens, more buffs, etc) is also welcome.
And the timed hits gave a nice touch, but they can be added when defending too. And the game was too short.
Well, here's some things that you can work on in order to turn this great flash in a majestic piece of work(I'll be waiting for it). Good luck.

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Game-Max responds:

thanks for the review. I myself thought this was a bit easy however when beta testing I found some people thought it was hard and some people thought it was just the right difficulty. There's alot of people who don't play RPG's often and wouldn't pick up on the stratagies the way you did so I figured I'd leave the difficulty at a pretty moderate level. Besides, the battles are just meant as little interactive things to add to the flash rather then be super chalanging.

However, once I start getting into some 3vs 3 battles then it may get a bit more chalanging. the status is also something I'm considering adding. Having things like poison, silence, etc.... could deffinatly add an extra little chalange to the game. I'm also considering adding a "miss" code so that not every attack will land. this also gives me the option to add things like Acuracy boosts/Breaks and darkness status. Trust me as an RPG fan I've already thought all your suggestions and have taken them into acount for future episodes :)

meh ok

Urmm... heals 3000 more like 200.....

Meh ok game, should really check that first

Game-Max responds:

yeah sorry that was a little typo. It's been fixed though

Not bad

It looks like you put a lot of effort into this game, a few critiques though.

When I was zero all I had to do was repeatedly use attack down until the opponent was doing 0 damage to me, then I was invincible for the rest of the battle.

You should add a skip button for the dialogue, it's irritating when you have read it all and it's still sitting there, plus the dialogue is pretty cheesy so personally I wanted to just skim through most of it.

Link does NOT TALK. Ever.

Anyway, it's obvious you put a lot of hard work into the game mechanics it's a nice battle system, keep it up.

Game-Max responds:

the zero attack break stratagy is something that was pointed out during beta testing and also works with the megaman def boost stratagy. keep in mind that these are stratagies and were purposly implemented as one way to get through the battles. I'm fully aware of all the different stratagies, I purposly put them in so that players could chose there own path to victory, hence keeping the game from being boring.

The skip button is a good suggestion and something I've considered although it does add about 3 MB to the flash because I would be using looping events instead of streaming a song section over a short period of time so in the long run I've decided against it. however if enough people do find it annoying It may be something I'll be forced to add.

Lastly, I know Link never talks on any game ever made, but then again neither does kirby. Having two main characters in this flash that don't say a word would be rediculous, so for the sake of the story I made them able to speak. Keep in mind that this is just a made up story and doesn't have to follow the games in any way. If I were following the rules of the games then kirby, link, and megaman would never meet in the first place now would they?

I do apreciate the critiques though because they do help me think of ways to better my flashes so I thank you for pointing out what you didn't enjoy. I'm also glad that you did enjoy the battle system since it's the thing I put the most effort into, so thanks for the review.

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