Ice Cream Truck Gestapo

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---Drivin' down the road in my gestapo truck.---

A true story about Nick driving down the road in his Gestapo Truck.

Also, something about Oprah Winfrey.


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okay then 3/5 8/10


i love this song the flash is a guy in a nazi truck wierd love the song

Driving down the road in my ice-cream truck
Running over kids thats gotta suck
Get outa the car to see what ive done
Realized what has happened so I start to run
Crossing the border to El Mexico
Fellin kinda down so i get my self a ho
Lot o chocholate... then i cross the street
I buy a few martinis for this guy named Pete
Then a whole bunch of stuff starts going down
The cops, they start to come around
We hide in the alley and build us a shack
Get us some guns and then we head for Iraq
We meet a few Mexicans, they're running to
So we join together and make ourselfs a crew
Then all of a sudden out of nowhere
Pops Santa with a black beard saying beware
Now now my children theres no need to fret
In fact I dont really pose that big of a threat
Im really here for just one thing
And thats to give you all... Ice.. cream.

So then we hope in his sled and he takes us all the way to his shed
In Anarctica
where all the elves are building toys for all the little children
in America
We step inside his office and he says take a seat
He has someone for us to meet
Theres a knock at the door, it opens wide
You wouldn't believe who stepped inside
Standing there with all her glee
Was none other that Oprah Winfrey
She looks at us
We look at her
And a curtain rises from up above
Sitting their with all its glee
is a big fat pile of Ice-cream.

Kevin responds:

o wow.

I have not seen its likes for years

What I was looking for in spam crews..

This brings back the memories of the Star Syndicate's Dailytoons with such a force. The nostalgia is overwhelmingly powerful. I miss the days before the NG redesign.

Kevin responds:

I'm an 08'er silly. I have no idea what you are talking about.


WTF!? That was hilarious!! ICE CREAM FTW!!! Why does this have a score of 2.13? WTF?! xD

I love you.

Kevin responds:

I loveth you too.

I love icecream....

but are those really Chinese symbols of life and good fortune?

Kevin responds:


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4.37 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2009
7:32 PM EDT
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