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Demon City

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Author Comments

HI My name is Anthony, This is my first game for NG. Enjoy!

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Not bad... Not bad at all

This game is very good. Really good to be honest!

The graphics are grand, music is excellent, plot... there isn't one really, bugs... well I haven't run into any yet. Now here are some tips for this game... just in case you want to make a sequel.

Character animation is good but was a little... how should I put this, "snapp-ish." Meaning that one frame snaps to another without any flow. One game does this well and that game is Fear Unlimited (check it out if you want your game to kept its snappy-ness). Now the game play is where this game falls short. Too repetitive! You only have a small amount of attacks that you can do and your character is too slow. Repetitive game play and slow movement can dull down a game very easily and quickly.

Basically, take this tips and your game will be awesome!!! (In my eyes)
- Fill in animations gaps (No snappy-ness in the frames)
- Give more variety to your combat system. (Use more then just the space key to attack)
- Speed up the walking function in the game (So it doesn't feel to slow and boring)
- Add extra abilities. (for pa-zazz!)
- Give the boss more variety in there attack pattern (if you chose to have pattern based boss in further games) because the first boss fight became very repetitive, very fast. I learned his attack strategy in a few moments and he became easy.

P.S. Don't listen to "Chessio" his games/movies suck anyway.

P.S.S. Just so you know, I have no room to talk about your game anyway because my game is crapper than yours... for now. So please take my advice into considerations when you make another game or if you chose to fix upon this one. I would like to see more of your games in the future!

Oh! And did I tell you that this game reminds me a lot of my game. Well you know now.


the game is definitely a good attempt, but has way too many shortcomings. i even had a hard time pressing the buttons consistently and had to resort to the old tab-enter to advance screens. graphics arent bad, but the animations seem very jolted. for example, jumping does not flow into walking or attacking or anything. with a brawler, flow is crucial, and i didnt get that. collision detection wasnt great either. i found myself going through coins quite often. my guess is that you set only the torso to have detection, but really the head should too. these problems made the game get old for me in two minutes... nice try anyways


Slow and very repetitive. No fun at all. All the levels seem the same and the gameplay is just walking towards an enemy and holding down the space bar to waggle your sword a bit. Very dull game.

It's Not Bad

It's great, in fact! Just, you might want to work on the graphics and some of the systems, the monsters move awkwardly. Once your reach the right side of the screen, you can't go to the left side anymore. A little more clean-up will make it better. Good job for a first flash though!

not bad

a little glitchy on controls and picking up items but nice job

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2009
1:51 PM EDT