Epic War 3

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GoodRookie 5 Points

Teritories completed 7

CardCollector 10 Points

Cards Owned 10

Conqueror 10 Points

Teritories completed 15

DoubleClearedHeroes 10 Points

Hero Cleared 2

CardAddicted 25 Points

Cards Owned 20

RiseofTitan 50 Points

CaveTrial 2 completed

EpicCardMaster 100 Points

Cards Owned 30

EpicHeroes 100 Points

Hero Cleared 6

TheGreatImp 100 Points

CaveTrial 5 completed

Author Comments

The most epic entry of the Epic War series. Defeat your opponents in battle to conquer every spot on the board. Build and upgrade your deck, form a strategy, protect your castle, and crush all who stand in your way!

- You can register you unit by clicking or press space button
- You can regen your units or hero by let them idle
- You can get new cards by leveling up your hero
- You can play newgameplus to get all cards and unlock Cave of Trial which give you strong cards

For anyone who complain about no bow like ew1and2 . please play it further, we add lot of skill and units. And it is no card game, card represent unit.

thanks for the frontpage

Update: Woott!!! a Medal .


best game EVER!

i cleared the game. use the grullborg grimtooth! last stage is very hard!

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Great Game!

This is a pretty good game in my opinion. I don't see why the fifty unit rush is that bad... I mean, I survived two of them in a row, and still won the damn match. It's not that hard, just needs some common sense really. Awesome game, make more!

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nice game

nice game
the battle are a bit less epic then in 2
but still verry nice

one coment: mayby add dificulties, some people find it to hard some to easy, for me its just good like it is now :)

Somethings are way too unfair

i mean how can the enemy with 3 troops left spawn 50 troops in like 2sec, fix somethings..other then that its fine.

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New and refreshing, but not too good

The battles are generally a bit easy, they areshorter than in two, that's a good thing, but they're not as epic. Sure, it gets harder near the end, but it also crashes more often near the end. I've fought what appears to be the final battle (it probably isn't, I have only got 8 units and 3 specials yet) several times now, but it just keeps chrashing for some reason. Maybe my computer can't handle those nice graphics. Overall I'm a bit disappointed. You renewed the concept enough for it to stay fresh, but it lost some of it's magic alongthe way. Still good, but not epic.

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Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2009
11:47 PM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)