Lil' Hoots

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Mkay. So here's my cartoon.

I owe a lot to Chippy since she did all the music for this by her lil' lonesome and kicked ass with it. I don't know what kind of garbage this would have been without her. <3 And another big awesome help were my two spectacular voice actors, Tomamoto and Lefthandedsock - some cool guys right hurr. Toma helped me fix up the audio so it sounds a lot better than it did before.

OH YEAH AND MATT...aka frozenfire who had a hand in some of the audio. I LOVE YOU, MAYUN...but not as much as I love Tomamoto.
Ok, I'm done with this shit description.
The end.


Awesome in every way!

I loved this flash! The animation, I found was good (cute mostly), there was a senswe of good humor (the "hunting" face made me crack up), and the musical score I found beautiful (especially in the credits)!

Great work guys!


I likez verz much plz moar!!

Aw, how cute! X3

This has got to be one of the cutest animations I have ever seen (and I mean this in both terms of humor and how cute "Lil' Hoots" was X3). I mean, both the humor and the animation were neatly done, and the voice acting was amazing.

Yeah, some viewers have said that they reminded them of Flapjack. Personally, I kind of have to agree with that; but I think it also reminds me of Chowder, in a way... but meh...

Anyway, great job, you guys! :)

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Lil hoots is definitely flapjack that idiot from the cartoon

adorable. :3

It really is! XD it also reminds me of 'The misadventures of flapjack' maybe some awesome inspiration? lol maybe, maybe not, either way, this is awesome! :D

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4.36 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2009
6:34 PM EDT
Comedy - Original