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-8bit Clouds- Collab

rated 3.41 / 5 stars
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Jun 23, 2009 | 4:45 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Wow. This took so much longer to complete than I originally intended. A lot of time went into this collab, and I really hope you all enjoy it.

Special shout out to Mexifry for all his help organizing, and to Ironosaur for the preloader!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

All round quality

Every member of the collab contributed a high quality animation that was in a great pixel style of game. There is nothing that I could possibly find wrong about this movie.

I liked the minigame in the preloader so much that I couldn't help but complement it. The game was as funny as the clip especially how the clouds tried to run away from you. I also got a chuckle out of the achievement I got from it.

The loop was somewhat catchy and gave the pixelated feel to the collab which I really liked. You couldn't have gotten a better choice for this collab.

Everyone contributed a clever animation to this collab and I really loved it. This is a unique flash that people can't help but love.

This was a great collab that included two games, although one was much better than the other it was really good. This collab had everything in it that makes a good Flash, and collab.

Review Request Club

Elroy responds:

Wait, there are achievements in our movie?


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice job

I was eager to see this collab come out. I thought the song was great and a good one to base this on. I liked how everyone used the pixel tool. Some of them turned out really good. The little preloader game was a nice addition but the movie was loaded for me before I even noticed the button.

I noticed on the ending menu that one of the authors is not shown unless you actually highlight the text and drag down with your mouse.

A cool collab, nice work.

~Review Request Club


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wahooo aweshum!

Loved it! glad this finnaly came out.. Oh how i love pixetool! especially great animation to you gregly!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I followed this collab on the BBS and couldn't wait to see it finished and in the Portal. As always, some part are good, some not, but the artwork was overall good, I enjoyed Mexifry & ShyGuy's parts the most. The Song was good too. And the preloader game and the collect the clouds-thing was unique and cool. Overall: a very good Pixelart-collab!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Woot great job everyone!

~ Animation/Graphics ~

You guys always know that I love the sprite/pixel/8bit type of styles. That's why I'm happy when you guys request a review in our club. :)

Animation was very smooth all around. I really couldn't find anything wrong with the graphics or anything like that. This was really done well.

~ Story/Content ~

Very original. Something that I wouldn't have thought about at all for a submission. I love how the clouds were just being slaughtered left and right like they were actual living things.

The game was a nice little addition, both in the submission, which I admit that I wasn't ready for at all (perhaps a countdown or warning for it?) and the one that you could play before the movie loaded.

~ Audio ~

Good music. There really wasn't any room for voices or sound effects so this was really good.

~ Overall ~

Everyone did a wonderful job. In my opinion it was a very successful collab as it turned out really good. Keep up the hard work everyone.

~ Review Request Club ~