Billiard Blitz v1.1

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Based on feedback from players, I was asked to make a small update to this pool game. The physics has been adjusted to make it feel more realistic, give you more power and control over your shots. It's still a real challenge though, so you'll need to be very good to beat all levels!

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weird physics glitches

When the balls hit the pocket at a bad angle, they seem to get ejected at a faster speed than which they hit. Also, you only had to get close to the hole for it to get sucked in which made it frustrating at times when it was the cue ball. Good game, but it's still got some weird stuff going on.

It's okay

It's a little fun but too repetitive I think. Maybe add more challenge than time alone, with an opponent for example.

The best

One of the only good pool games out there.

Very nice!

That was very nicly done. Graphics are beautiful and gameplay is good. Loved all the levels. Great job!


i think if youre going to make a pool game based of speed, you should not have to wait for every ball to stop in order to hit you next shot. I often was frustrated when i was close to the time limit... but i had one ball still flyin around the table.

Andromedus responds:

Fair point - and that's how I made it in the original version. But for this update I was asked to prevent the player taking a shot until the balls were still. It seems to be a matter of opinion - people are divided on it - but for what it's worth, I'm with you on this one.

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3.99 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2009
3:50 PM EDT
Sports - Other