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:: Circle ::

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Author Comments

NewGrounds got their shit together!!! This is the version I've been trying to upload.


R: Restart the level, can be used at anytime.
ARROW KEYS: Movement
SPACE: Change colour, if available.

-- Late game you have access to new keys. Read the instructions to know when.

A puzzle/platformer game featuring a colour-shifting circle with different powers.

Mission 6 - As the blue block is falling to the fire, continously push it more to the left.
Mission 7 - Getting pass the fireballs is very diffcult -- take your time and learn the timing.
Mission 10 - Stay in a corner and shoot when red. Turn white and just jump upwards when spike comes nearby.
Mission 11 - If you move fast enough and hold the UP key, you can slide across the platforms at the top.

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Good music
Well colored
Good concept


This is very well done! The music is awesome and the concept is good to! It's also very addicting implying that I could probably play this for hours on end. The only down-side is that the first level with the green power is confusing, I don't know what to do, and I am stuck so i don't even know how the game ends. :( But I still like it! 5/5, 9/10, keep up the good work!

StupidAnimator responds:

Thank you so much. Yes, the first green level is impossible, but I fixed it. Try it again, it should still save your progress!


Breath taking. The game-play is a lot of fun , and this idea is very creative.
You're an inspiration. I don't know how long you've been working with flash, but you proved to all the people who complain flash is IMPOSSIBLE to learn wrong. congrats

P.S. I got stuck on green!!

Hell, why not?

I didn't see the previous game but this one is pretty damn fun.

I took off 3 points simply because this is so good that I think you should work on it a lot more- the game needs a lot of things, such as music and better/smoother animation.

That being said so far the game is very promising. I liked it a lot- there were some damn good puzzles and I liked the color changing aspect of the game.

Good job, and I hope you try to keep making this game better. You could have a real winner on your hands.

Interesting concept, bad execution

The jumping and moving motions felt way to rigid and unnatural, and it made it weird to control. Every time I tried to go to the furthest right point on the jumping level, the ball wouldn't go through, and wouldn't jump high enough to get over the top piece. Not sure what I was supposed to be doing, then. Continuously getting stuck in holes kills interest pretty fast.

StupidAnimator responds:

Hey, the new version I uploaded should address your concern I hope. There is so much more than the level you were on :)

the good the bad and the ugly

the good: you improoved on the jumping early on, but you should still have kept it steady throught he game by going back and changing it so you start with the same jumping you end up with
its a good strategy game with a nice idea behind it

the bad: music could help, and in-game way to get to the menu would be nice
less confusing controlls, i died too many times by wanting to hit the space bar for jump, you should manipulate your controlls so that they go along with the majority of online games, perhaps keeping the left and right the same, having the jump be the space bar, and color change be in the shift button
the level design could improove, and you could definitly make the game get dificult SLOWER, remember, just because you made it ur probably good at it, not so for everyone else
the level design could be a little more pleasing to the eye, instead of a constand dull grey
also the pyrotechnics could use some work, as could the orange portal and the lasers

the ugly: i didnt get allt he way throught he game simpley because it was so unbarebly hard, if you would take out the fire completely it would make for a strategy game, rather than a game of skills with the controls, more like the game SHIFT, you can take as long as you want to think about the level, this makes it more enjoyable overall

i gave you a 7 because you have great potential with this game, the biggest thing that could improove your rating is your graphics and level design, the idea is fantastic
and let me make one final suggestion, when shifting between colors, perhaps add an animation, to make it look cool when you shift from one to the other
( maybe even assign the colors to numbers for quick use )

i hope my review helped

Credits & Info

3.55 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2009
2:11 PM EDT