Dot Adventure 3

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Update: The updated version is almost ready, it may take another 2 1/2 weeks (due to my vacation).

NOTE: This is not a complete version of the game, letting people try out 3 of the 4 levels this game offers!

Dot Adventure 3, the long awaited game from me! This is not the last of the Dot Adventure series, this is only the beginning of it! I know you've been waiting since March to play, so i put this early version up so you can play most of it now. DA4 (or Dot Adventure 4) will be started whenever the Power of 3 game is done.

I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOY!------------------P .S. The next updated version of this will come around when i have free time.

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Music is all Ching Chong Beautiful's

Hade fun for the 25 sec

it's short, but sweet, nice game toon town


This was okay, despite the fact that I could barely move without getting the skull and game over message. I can really tell effort was put into it though so it deserves at least a 7

You know...

...its actuaky very good,the only game where you cant touch wals and stuff that i actualy like,good job!

No-Brainer responds:

Thanks for your Review! This game will probably get me a job working on Website Design if it's as good as you say!

Um.. okay.

This game should not be over 7 MB. You have to find a better method to compress your music. As far as this being a game... well, it is. Kinda. I guess. Move a mouse without touching the border is a Flash game circa 1998, but... you know, effort wise, I'm giving you a 6.