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In our planet's imminent future, scientists invented a time machine which would send two volunteers into the past to change the course of history. You are one of these volunteers. Something went wrong. This is not where you were supposed to be sent... maybe not when either.

-=From author=-
WoW! Nevermind that I can be at the main page of the greatest FLASH PORTAL! YaHooO! Thanks to Newgrounds for true rating and so Great Portal. And also thanks to all players I'am very thankful for so good rating ^__^
ALSO! For playing this game You must have a nice computer. Otherwise control can go stuck and game can go a bit slow. Also I recomend to use Chrome and Safari browsers for playing flash games (here flash works faster). If you have some creative ideas for sequel (or you found bugs in game) - contact me via ICQ or Personal Message ;)

-= Hints =-
1. Read Controls closely. You also can Use Ragdolls...
2. Read Hints at hint-line what never dissapears. Particularly in last level...
3. Crouch before falling from high places & land only on highest postitions. Your armor is very heavy and You can be splitted in two parts X_X
4. End level guys very powerfull and physically heavy. But one clear head-shot from fully upgrated plazma cannon gun can kill them.
5. To disturb enemy aim, use rifle. Last-level miniboses begins to fire in the ceil and floor :3

-= PS =-
When enemies are shoot each other it is NOT a glich. Some teams can be enemies or vice versa friendly. They can also become enemies when friend shoot friend (friendly fire).

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i know a cheatcode press ~ and put morehp for hp n moreall for nades

I loved the game until the boss fight. It's pretty hard to beat the game when your dumbass AI friend keeps running into the thing and getting RIPPED APART before have time to react. So if you ever make a sequel (which, by the way, you really should :P), please work on the AI.

EGurt responds:

Well, PB2 is out.

Hey dark-fox the game is totally possible...The ending the boss is suppose to "kill" the ally...You never fight the boss with weapons you use the control box to put the door down on the boss...And I don't know what your talking about one hit kills on easy...I won under hard mode and still finished the game...Use weapons depending on the enemy and overall this game isn't bad...Some movements are interesting...to say the least but overall pretty good :P

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This game is literally impossible, its fun up untill the last few levels but then you ruin it with enemies that can kill you in 1 hit, while you have full armor on EASY mode. I got to the boss 3 times and each time the dumb ass ally kept getting killed. And let's not forget that the only walkthrough I could find was removed because of copyright claims which I assume were made by you because god forbid someone get help for this game. But seriously, how is it fair to die from 1 shot? You have no time to react, ive tried every weapon used grenades, EVERYTHING...I hope you fixed this in the second one.

LOVE IT epic ragdoll physics

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4.11 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2009
6:35 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun