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KF : first submission

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Author Comments

The story abaut a cave , human and MoonWalk....
The Very FFS (First Flash Submission) made by mostly unknown guy with Klaineks nickname (it's me) .
It is bigg sized flash (Because used clean - high definition ( :D ) MP3 music, not wav) and tons of symbols. Toocked abaut 17 hours to make (started abaut 1 and 1/2 of week ago) because i was learning while making it (characters walking was crapy , i know).
Not hopping to reach 3,5 or bigger but if u guys think its good enough - rate it trully.
Here comes thanks :
Thanks to Newgrounds.com stuff for making this site and oppurtinity to uploud my stuff and inspiring to start using flash.
Nicklaus Liow (Nutcasenightmare) - because i've used his character (without permision :P).
And all other friends (I wasn't popular on Newgrounds so have no in this site(unleast the staff, but they don't know abaut me :) ) , ha!) , famiy and my dog (sometimes he just makes me wanna smile).


Just realized that this flash is in 51,600 +/- place at portal listing , right in the midle :D.

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Hm, that guy looks familiar...

For a first flash, not bad! Obviously, quite a few faults, which I shall now address:

1) File size. Here's a tip: use Audacity (free program), Window's Sound Recorder, or some other sound-editing program to clip the songs you used. You importing the songs in their entirety is what caused the file size to be over 8MB. (They were hi-quality songs, yes) Another option is to use shorter songs from NG's very own Audio Portal.

2) Graphics. Okay, yeah, it's my :the game: character, which is deliberately simple. But the backgrounds were quite plain, especially the coloured one. Use gradients for the sky, and blur white blobs to create clouds! Also try to add shadows for realism.

3) Animation. It's choppy, but forgivable for a first submission. No one's rushing you, but when you feel confident enough, be sure to try higher frame rates. (fps: frames per second) At least you actually attempted a walk cycle, unlike my hopping guys. Just try to add more inbetween frames, but not any more than you can handle. (before the animation goes from choppy to glitchy) Lastly, even though this is completely unnecessary, a few flare effects would make the shining light look a lot cooler.

Anyway, not bad for a first animation, and I must say I'm kinda happy that someone liked :the game: enough to make an animation starring the 'main' character. Thank you!


Klaineks responds:

Thanks , I can use ure review as manual or tutorial ^^. Gonna try to fix those glitches and chompiness , beside glad that grait animator like you (I think u've been interested only because i've used ur character for flash animation ) finded this flash and written such long review to say his opinion. Thanks for your time.

not bad

-especially for a first animation, cute and fun, although i didn't get y the moonwalk guy had such weird lettring in his speach bubble 0.o

p.s. i completely disagree with wascalebrena, the ending made the movie, it was the best point of humor and wat stuck it all together, it would hav just been stupid otherwise.

Klaineks responds:

True , have nothing to disagree. That was the most hardest movie scene to make. But I have to say that wascalabrena were talking abaut story moral... but anyway ,thanks for review

It's very short O_o

It looks very nice for a first try, but the loading is longer than the video ^^

Klaineks responds:

Sad true ^^. Beside , thanks.

BeeGees song was good.

Too short. The thing at the end, the cutesy thing, get rid of it. Add more to the main story, have the guy walk further and do more before breaking it off. That guy chasing the light was interesting, the rest of it. no. Better without the stuff and the end. Yeah. Definitively.

Klaineks responds:

Yeah I should , thanks for helpful review.


Not bad for your first submission. And besides, I LOVE THE MOONWALK. I also love that song. What's the name of that?

Klaineks responds:

Main theme - The BeeGees - staying alive (staying in light)
End - Michael Jackson - Smooth criminal

Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2009
3:22 PM EDT