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Hi this is my first Flash submission and i am aware that it's really shitty :). But try anyways and be honnest in your reviews (please don't just say "OMG dis sux"). Please post your score :p.

Move with Arrow keys or WASD, fire with space.
Good luck!

Added sound effects, a music, and some other minor stuff.

No more music, it made the game too big and i'm working on a replacement one.

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strangly addictive

for an old game, i was oddly amused, this is alot harder than it looks :)

Too simple.

Now, I know it's you first try, and it's great for a first try, but it would've been helpful if there were at least instructions in the game.

The bullets also move too slowly. Try adding sound, as well.

LeTapir responds:

That's what i am doing and i am about to post the update :)


A great first try. The style of flash you've created here has been done to death, so If you're going to seriously work on a project, I'd recommend another avenue, but overall, I'm sure several hours of programming went into it's creation. Great job. :D

I couldn't make this

I have no artistic talent whatsoever, nor do i own flash or any of the programs needed to create said artistic talent, so I will give you a 5 for your effort and ask you to please continue to learn the program and become better at it.

OK, not great

Judging by the quality, I assume this is one of your first submissions. Thats not an insult, in fact a compliment. For a first submission(s) this is rather good. However, this concept has been done over and over and over again. Add something unique! Take a concept thats been tried and make it your own. Also, add a preloader, its not very convinient if the game starts playing before I can read the controls ^_^.

LeTapir responds:

Thanks for the tips :). I tryed to add a NG preloader but well the file is 5kb big so it bugs and i don't know how to make a menu yet :/. I'm messing around flash right now to see if i can do something.

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2.60 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2009
12:58 PM EDT
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