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Resident Shittits 5

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I tried to make the animation side of this as bad as possible. This is a parody of the beginning of Resident Evil 5. Playing this game personally I couldn't get past the first boss. This is my frustration release.


I will respond to your reviews!

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Nice work

Lol this is so true love it xD oh btw don't listen to CaptinGayness he's just mad he's never played a true resident evil game like Resident Evil 2!

RE5 Sucked xD

dude u cant even get past the first boss thats sad

dude i beat wesker transformed with uroboros in the volcano on pro with a knife opps i spolied the ending sry but re5 best re

RhysMus responds:

What is sad that you can barely talk within the English language. Therefore attempting to review a animation thus failing miserably. Please rethink what purpose you have in life.


I get the feeling that this style of art is just that... your style. So I am not going to review based on your art style. I will say though, that the characters could be a little smoother, and you would find that the flash would look 100x more clear and professional.

The voice acting was decent, and the animation was pretty well done. Not much of a plot, though... try adding a decent storyline. You have potential to make a great flash, all you need is to put a little more time into it, and you could be the next big thing.

Keep working away at it, I have high hopes!


RhysMus responds:

As i said it was intentionally to be rusehd and to look shitty as. but oh well, thanks anyways.

Very funny

Yeah, I can sympathize with you on the first boss >_>

What I enjoyed most was the fast pace of the flash, it adds to the humor and forces you to not miss a beat so you're always focused on what's happening.

The ending I'd have to say was my favorite part. Protecting partners and people from dying was never one of my best abilities, and I found it funny.

Only aspect that needs work would be the sound, but other than that, great job :D.

-Review Request Club-

RhysMus responds:

haha thanks, its good to be able to relate towards it!


Hey, this looks pretty rush... oh wait! :P

It's a very fast paced flash so it's best to watch when no one is disturbing you so that you don't miss anything.

I really like this flash, it's amazing how many funny things you have put in here (my favorite where the signs with "No one is hinding here!" and "Best hiding spot!").

The quality of the audio is a bit low, but other than that it's a great movie.
If frustration always results in such funny movies you should be frustrated more often... :P

{ Review Request Club }

RhysMus responds:

Thanks dude! Much appreciated, hugs?

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3.58 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2009
10:58 AM EDT