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For all you "GOD OF WAR" fans, here is a Flash version of it.
You as 'CHEFOS' (Kratos' flash transformation) have to make
your way through the oncoming waves, killing monsters that
block your path.

The reason why CHEFOS battles through is to achieve the ultimate
throne and become the new "CHEF OF WAR".


ARROW KEYS - move the chef.
A - slash combos.
S - jump.
SPACE - Poseidon's rage.
P - Pause.

This is just a basic demo...hope u like it
N'JOY playing !!


Uh...did you EVER press circle in God of war, or do you just not like gore? Please add a grab feature. Other than that, i like it. :) GOW's monsters (Wraiths especially) were actually that cheap. But to make this game, add a grab, kay buddy?

Still needs work.

The eggplants are too cheap. Try limiting the range of their stomp attacks to fix this. It also could use one or two more enemy types and some stage hazards (e.g. exploding barrels) to add more variety.

mmmmh ... ok

STOP JUMPING\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
but fun


i liked it :D

Needs fixing

I've mentioned before, there's not many elements required to make a good scrolling brawler. Brawlers are generally fun. But a couple of things take away the fun element of the game.

THe purple jumpers are plainly far too annoying. The damage range of their jump is unlimited so no matter how far I am on the screen I will get hit. This means that I have to eliminate them first before doing anything because I can't stand still and fight the pumpkin heads. And then when the screen starts swarming with the purple fellas I can't even walk properly or jump properly without getting hit. Make the damage range smaller - not infinite.

What would help is also making the jump hit more useable. Right now it's completely useless. It's impossible to jump hit the purple blobs when they're jumping.

The rage attack was also pretty useless. For something like that which can only be used so little, make it more useful. It doesn't even zap the pumpkin heads. And it can't even kill anything on it's own. So it's useless in an emergency situation, which is what these bonus attacks are for. Make it more powerful. If you want to limit the usage of it, make it charge slower. But the current damage makes it almost useless.

This is a demo, which is a good thing. Needs some fixing before the actual release.

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3.21 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2009
8:16 AM EDT
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