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Worm vs. Chicken

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Author Comments

Also on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xE7nummPSGw&feature=channel_page

Yay, I fixed it! Christ, Flash is now up to CS4 and the Macromedia/Adobe guys still can't figure out how to get exported movies to not suffer from audio desync? This very issue was what was keeping this little cartoon from being uploaded to Newgrounds. I originally uploaded this on YouTube on May 16, 2009. Its description, which covers all of the movie's background which I don't feel like typing all over again, goes as follows:


"So I guess .DV does work on YouTube! o_o This is a fun little experimental Flash cartoon that I started working on last semester for my high-school Graphic Design 2 class, using my Wacom tablet. This is different for me in that, while I've done a handful of sprite Flash movies in the past, I've never really made a serious hand-drawn animation. Well, a stick flick when I was 13, but that doesn't count.

Originally I was working on Flash CS3 on one of the classroom's Macs, but then I moved the project to Flash 8 on the Windows XP side of my Macbook Pro. I finished animating it before the winter break and I finished sound on it this January. The problem with adding sound, though, is that stupid bug in Flash where the audio gets out of sync in the exported .SWF. You'd think that after so many versions it'd be fixed, but no, it's still there. The work-around I used for Soul Knights vs. Quam Singulari when I had the same problem during its development (adding ActionScript frames at tactical spots in the timeline to stop everything and play on the next frame) didn't work here. So if I wanted to have any sort of audio in my animation, I had to bring the project back to the school Mac, open it in Flash CS3, export the SWF into a Quicktime file, import it to iMovie, add all the sound there, save and export. Doing this took a toll on the quality and frame-rate and, ironically, the file-size increased dramatically. The result was a 362 MB .DV file. I feared any more compression would damage the quality and frame-rate even more, so I've left it as is. I didn't think about uploading it until now, though, remembering how YouTube can accept almost any video format now, so now I can present it to people without passing them a 362 MB file. =D

Some of the sounds I got off the internet and couple others from GarageBand. Yes, I did the chicken's voice myself. XD"


So anyway, over a month later (today), I was thinking that maybe I could download the .FLV of the YouTube video and convert it into a .SWF with a trial version of Snosh, then submit it here. The result was a 5 MB file with very ugly quality. So then it ocurred to me to do something that I hadn't tried before. I recorded through my sound card all of the audio of the movie from the YouTube video into one file, then put it on the original .FLA as an Event from the beginning. It still got out of sync, but then I remembered a trick where you take a silent stream file and make it so it covers the whole time-line, so I did that and it worked. So, yay, I didn't have to resort to some crappy video conversion solution that would've robbed the movie off of its original video quality.

So that's it... Anyway, this is my first Newgrounds submission in like two years. Well, my first Flash submission in two years; I've submitted some stuff in the Audio Portal. If anyone cares, two years later I've graduated from high-school and am waiting to get into college here in Panama for a year or so to then hopefully transfer to SCAD or RCAD. I know this probably isn't gonna win any awards or anything, but I just wanted to put it in here because I could... I think I'd like making movies again, both hand-drawn and sprite movies. But that's just a thought. There's no telling if I'll do something like that or not when we're talking about a master procrastinator like me. =D

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I love his scream :p

Short and unexpected...

It was pretty good but not enough action.

Short but SWEET

The animation was decent, the whole joke around it was pretty funny. Looking at the title and hearing that epic music, you might think it would've been something serious, but that's the joke, it isn't.

Please make more of this funny flash. I love it. Please? :D

Nice job

This was a pretty cute flash,the animation was solid and the sound effects we're great,i got a kick out of the end when the worm turned the apple into a tank to chase the chicken,overall i enjoyed this little flash short of yours. =)

Well done.

Overall nice, childish graphics. Don't know if it was the purpose to do so, but it fit everything. The worm could've been a bit more detailed in being there. For the rest, perfect submission, thanks for the laughs.