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Candy Spaz

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Author Comments

It's arguable that this is my best animation to date. However, If you see something simple to be improved please point it out.

As for the song: It days after fininshing the main body of that I had heard about the "Noise Controllers".
Self analysis
- Used a story board
- Origional characters (I think the candy monster turned out nicely)
- Imaginative
- Plot appeals to emotion (pathos)

- Plot is somewhat cliché
- Too "buisy" (distracts from story, seems messy)
- Animation is cheap (Sothink SWF Easy uses effects instead of tweens)
- Uncertain weather it qualifies for an animutation

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that was.....wierd lol the song was pretty cool ill have to check it out and mayby download. I have never taken LSD but im sure if i did this is what it would be like lol. it had pretty good animation though it didn't make a whole lot of sence


I think your own summary of the work seems to say it all. It's good that you recognize the flaws and it seems to me you're willing to keep going at it to improve your body of work. So yeah the animation wasn't thrilling, but it's a necessary stepping stone, and your modesty is admirable. Good job!

And the candy monster was very cool.


Good choice of music, decent animation and a straightforward storyline.

Surn responds:


I don't know why, but I like this movie.

This is one of the most random, trippy, and weird flashes I've ever seen. (And I mean that in the best possible way.) If you watch this once and don't get it, watch it a second time, it makes more sense... I think.

Surn responds:

I did go into this with the intention of making an animutation, but then I took wynand's advice to use a story-board. Perhaps the reason It's hard to get the first time is perhaps because of the second story going on in the background.

It was alright.

As you said, the plot was a bit cliche, but I liked the animation for the pancreas's. Most of the other pictures though didn't really seem to fit, although they were animated fairly nicely. The music was nice and fitting as well. The title screen i wasn't too pleased about but, it was a pretty good flash.

Surn responds:

Yeah, I thought Dr.Masochist and the Donkey-candy-copter kind of draggd it down. I should probably deal with them in the revision.

Credits & Info

4.13 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2009
12:31 AM EDT
Music Video