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The Evolving Stick Fight

rated 2.41 / 5 stars
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Jun 21, 2009 | 10:42 PM EDT

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Author Comments


Please keep in mind there are 2,200 frames of individual drawings of MOVEMENTS-none of them are copied and pasted.

What the animation is about? Hellhound-IX is a ninja stick figure, and I myself am a normal stick figure. There is not much fighting, but there is a lot of chasing. Evolution of my stick figure occurs in the second scene-actually there are no scenes... lol. I tried something ill-logical. I drew a gargantuan background which took up to 3 days~2 hours per day, and made it an object. Then I moved the background to my liking. It wasn't easy because it lagged big time. The backgrounds themselves were up to 15 mb. Once I finished moving my backgrounds around, I moved the stick figures with them while having the backgrounds locked.
I feel I improved my drawings in this one-it can be seen in the trails of the stick figures and other objects.

Reviews Appreciated even if you feel my animation sucked ballz to the wallz lol.
I had fun making it anways.

Special Thanks to Crosswinds for the great music-check out his work!



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wow man.Tthat was impressive!
Wish I can do that..And that was all frame by frame a? No Key frames at all?
Again. Practice makes perfect.
I myself did some 3D animation tests and after that I was pretty good.
You have to check out my "What Is That" animation short.
TTYL man!

Lord1Mauler responds:

Yea that is all frame by frame with a mouse. I got this Bamboo now though-I can draw it out instead of hurting my wrist. I wish I knew about it b4 I started the project lol. Thnx for the review. I know the end was very slow. Yes practice makes perfect-that's why i haven't submitted anything lately-because I'm trying many new things thanx to the bamboo.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Ok, this animation is good, but there is plenty of room for improvement. First off, either get a new mic and improve the voice acting, or just cut it out. I'm sorry, but it is cringe worthy. The animation on the other hand is very cool. While it may be simple, it works and looks quite cool. There's room for smoothing things up of course, smoother animations and stick figures would be great. I think you may also need some sound effects, it's kind of weird when you see the guy explode or boost up and it makes no noise. Other then that, you're set, good job.

Lord1Mauler responds:

Yea, I've been getting a lot of reviews saying that my voice sucked, but it was actually an experiment with gband. I can get Sound FX from gband too, but I didn't think about it. I didn't want the music to get in the way of the sound fx.

Thnx for the review.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Well, I saw the simple part.

You need work on the exiting part.

Lord1Mauler responds:

yea i kno. I need to put a button on, and the credts could have been slightly longer. I hope you enjoyed the "simple part" which contains 2,200 drawings. :)


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Not a fight

This is not a fight. this is a scene of figures following each other. Music can be improved,graphics should be improved,and it should be made much less boring

Lord1Mauler responds:

Tell me, how do you improve sloppiness when it is intentional? lol. Do you make it more sloppy so that no one can see anything at all? Read author comments.

thnx for review.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

well I LIKED IT.

partly because i wrote the music to it.

Thanks for the promo/ credits. much appreciated.

I think an improvement though, is the inclusion of sound effects when things happen (i.e. sword clashes, energy blasts, bullets, ect... you can find most of these on

The only other thing i'll mention is that it didn't seem to "evolve" as your title claimed. Sure, it had moving scenery, but it didn't grow more intense. Maybe go from like a simple fist fight to a weapons brawl, followed by a complete shootout.

Just a suggestion.

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Lord1Mauler responds:

lol thnx for the music man. I didn't want to go for a title that was already taken or just boring. "The Evolving Stick Fight" is simple to say because there's 4 words to it, and there aren't any symbols or odd characters in it like: ;";=_)(*&^%$#@! . As for the "evolving" p.o.v., I meant only two things. One, the scene evolves (it doesn't stop for almost 3 minutes) and two, the Evolving stick-the only with out a bandana-grows shoulders, an upper and lower back, a left and right humerus, forearm, thigh, and calves. Watch it again to see what I mean.

Thnx for the review, and thnx for the music.