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The One: Volume None

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This is the first animation a friend of mine made....I helped with everything involving the Flash program....he said he wasn't going to finish it but I hoping he changes his mind..and this movie is only like 15secs long!!

I couldn't submit it to NG Alphas so I put up here instead!!

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(title in work)

I really don't understand what's going on. It appears as though you simply stopped midway through the movie and gave up. The sound was a bit hard to hear, and really I have no idea what is going on in this or what is going to happen later. Your graphical skills are definitely competent, but you need more storyline behind this.

A start

it's a start.

What is going on?

Maybe it is just an intro but it makes no sense, maybe it would if i saw later ones, but so far, the voicing was pretty bad, very tinny, and it was just, hard to comprehend anything throughout, maybe a bit longer? a bit more depth, and better vocals? then it could be much better.


it's pretty good for a start. the sound could use some work but the animation and drawing is alright for inexperienced submitters. keep at it and best of luck.