Biblical Madness Trailer

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Looking back at this now, man this was pretty f'ed up -_-
But minus the offendness of the video, its a decent piece of work.
Shouldve switched the themes though ;D

THIS IS NOT A PREVIEW!!! ITS TRAILER! THIS WORK IS COMPLETE!!! A preview is a portion of a movie that cuts off at a random point. The source shown in here IS NOT A PORTION OF THE MOVIE!!!!

Also, Im not very good with animating the fight scenes so I need someone to do it for me. I'll give you the sprites. The full version will be widescreen-ish. Thats all I can say for now. Ideas are encouraged.



If you want to have a really nicely polished animation, you have to actually want to put in the time, effort, and work. Even if it takes years. You can't expect to have something completely awesome without pouring all of your love in to it.

GameChild214 responds:

Yeah I understand that, thanks for the advice and I guess so. Nothing comes easy and I was a bit of a noob back then but If I ever do this again I will take this into concideration

Pretty cool, heres a little thing

i know ancient greek so inside the temple it would say madpsss.

GameChild214 responds:

mad piss?

Did he walk into a temple? o.O

WTF? was that supposed to be Jesus walking into a temple and killing spartan dressed Jewish rabbis? That's just wrong.....

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GameChild214 responds:

yea I saw that to. instead in the full version he'll be killing satan worshipers instead


This is extremely poor animation. The sound was not very suiting for the movie, the animation was extremely choppy, and the story just seems stupid. Now he dies for "nothing"? That just doesn't seem to make much sense. You are already kind of giving away the plot and ending of your story, or so it seems. Definitely needs more work. Actually animate your characters walking and take some time with it. I think if you improve on your animation and smooth it out you could have a somewhat decent animation.

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GameChild214 responds:

agreed I totally agreed with you. But the trailer was gona be more sencable. But you know what I CRACKED!!! YEA I CRACKED!!!!! I JUST COULDNT TAKE IT ANYMORE!! SO MUCH LAYER LOCKING SO MUCH LAYER UNLOCKING!!SIMPLE DUPLICATING!! SO MUCH THINGS!!!! I JUST COULDNT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!! I COULDNT FIND THE RIGHT MUSIC OR ANYTHING!!! I WAS JUST SO PISSED OFF!! But right now Im working on the walking cycle and enviroments. As for the fight scenes Im going to find someone else, because trust me I cant make fight scenes for s***


It looks pretty intersting from what i saw...I'll keep my eyes open for the movie.

GameChild214 responds:

Haha and it never came out lol

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Jun 21, 2009
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