Shark Black: Snowblind UC

June 21, 2009 –
June 21, 2009
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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So this is basically my first full submission to the portal,
that said I have a background as a flash based webdesigner.

The version of the film you about to see is the uncut edition.
And includes the "bridge scene" which I have always considered to be one of my best, & favorite scenes I've ever animated.

It was originally cut for two reasons:
- File size.
- Serious lag.

The file size wasn't too much of an issue, however I did need to edit some things so it wouldn't be so "laggy" including background elements, and removing some of the snow that fell.
It still is extremely choppy, but will run as it should if you set the quality to low.

Anyway it's LOADED with extra's, and I did do some very minor changes to the film.


- Bridge scene restored.

- Custom cursor added.
- Minor changes made to the backgrounds.
- Minor sound edits.

This is meant to be listened to with head phones, and yes I know the voices aren't the best,
there isn't really a place to buy professional sound equipment up here, but I did order one via the internet. So it should hopefully be here in time for the next one!

All in all it runs at 24FPS, and has a runtime of about 2 minutes.
Thanks, & I hope to see you on the next one!
- Celx


hey man that was pretty good. im excited to see more. wish i coulda seen more action but im waiting patiently for a part two. props man. good effort, i see what you were doin with the soft voices but you should speak up a little or not put your mouth so close to the mic. but good job!

However the voice were too soft. You need to speak up when you talk. Not talk real low.

Excellent movie! I'm just curious why the 2 guys were whispering at the begining...seems like with all the wind on top of the building you'd have to shout a little more :P

One suggestion, though, you could make a pause button.


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