Invasion - 2009

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Everyone in Barcelona remembers the day the giant hermit crabs tried to invade the city. This short animation shows the quick counterattack on those bizarre creatures.

Images were scanned and/or taken from the internet and edited with a program called Gimp. Music is from a great musician that lives in the city the video is about.

Have fun, vote fair.



nice concept and animation skills, it was joyful to watch.

I still wonder if there is a hidden meaning though xD

That was nice

It's has a very interesting animation style (in a good way). The music isn't really explosive but it works well with the animation. I think mostly I'm left slightly confused about what I just saw but it doesn't really need an explaination so don't worry about it.

Good animation

Good animation, good sound, all around decent flash.

What an unusual animation

This honestly had me perplexed and i was wondering just exactly what it was about with all the crabs attacking this city. But i thought it was pretty imaginative, creative and the music tied in with the strange theme. It was decent enough to pass just work harder on animation and a more interesting/believable story.

very good

ivbe never really seen a movie like this and it was good

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3.55 / 5.00

Jun 21, 2009
7:14 AM EDT
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