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Megaman X RPG: Chapter 1

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The long awaited next installment of the MMX: RPG series. Included in this chapter:

- A rebuilt engine from Chapter 0 means it's faster, prettier and best of all - 99% crash proof.
- Game too small? Change the resolution. Smallest 520x420 / Largest 720x580
- A large, detailed (albeit pixaled) world. If you hate sprite games, please move on.
- A well written, non-linear story with branching paths. Does not break established canon. Again, this is an RPG. If you don't like reading, I suggest you find something else that appeases your ADD.
- Game play time: 30 minutes to a couple of hours.
- Save and autosave features. Files transfer over.
- Multiple Battle Chips and over 120 unique techs.
- Character Specialization in the form of UPGRADES, for those who love talent trees. (And seriously, who doesn't?)
- Chip Synthesize. Mix two Battle Chips together to make unique ones!
- Shops to buy stuff and sell your loot.
- Boss Rush mode, for those of you who are a glutton for punishment. Seriously, they are HARD. You have to play smart. Can't just blast through them like you can the baddies.
- Hidden bosses.
- Achievements (only 11 in this chapter).

For a great walkthrough of this game, I highly suggest checking this out:
- Thank you Yrtnej!

From the developer:
- I just want to thank everybody who commented and supported me on Chapter 0, for without your support, I never would have made Chapter 1. I really do hope you enjoy this; this game is for you. Also, I want to thank Tom/Newgrounds for extending my limit from 10 to 15 MB.

On a personal note, this will probably be the last chapter I can produce for a while. I haven't been able to find a job, so I've enlisted in the Army. (Which is shitty, since I already did it for 4 years). Unless some game developer wants to hire me within the next 30 or so days, I'll be in Fort Benning for OCS for at least a couple of months. Which makes me... gosh, so sad.

Patch Notes: (There are still several small bugs, but I'm constantly patching the game.)

* - Fixed the support glitch, which caused the game to freezes if you try and remove/select him.
* - Fixed the compare glitch when shopping for equipment.
*- Fixed a glitch in which you could steal high priced Gizmondo's from low-level enemies. Sorry guys - this exploitative loophole is being closed.
*- Along those same lines, Wind Shredder no longer does an insane amount of damage. It's effectively been nerfed.
*- Healing no longer charges your limit meter.
* - Fixed a small glitch with achievements and a massive amount of typos. Thank you Matthew!
* - Fixed several glitches in the simulation room. Should no longer freeze if attempting to view objectives. Course three should no longer reset when entering/exiting.
* - Fixed a glitch when fighting Guts Man G and the Yellow Devil. Should not freeze when they have their limit break.
* - The guard that explains battle tactics now also explains buffs, afflictions and shields. Also took care of the repeating glitch. Sorry!
* - Stuns are now temporary and should wear off quickly.
* - Poison now detracts 10% from a targets remaining HP instead of the total HP. Withdrawal, however, still uses the formula: (10% * Poison Stack) * Total HP = Total Damage.
* - Added a new boss. In simulation room 3, instead of Dynamo, you'll face...
* - Has anybody been able to defeat the hidden boss?



all i will say is this flash is epic and needs to win awards :3

Amazing! A sidescrolling RPG

I think its incredible that you have managed to create a sidescrolling platformer (that plays as well as a real Megaman game). And turned it into an RPG. I've never seen anything quite like this. Megaman X was always my favorite Megaman series too, so seeing a RPG game based on this series is just awesome, well done!

It's great, I 5'ed it, but...

I stumbled on two glitches that essentially crash your game:

I was on sim course three. I cleared the left sphere, no problem. I cleared the middle sphere and didn't even return to the game screen before I was launched into a third battle against Yellow Devil, Gutsman, and Dynamo. I assumed that my character must have flown to the side like sometimes happens after a battle and that this was the third and hardest sphere. It wasn't, as I just completed the REAL third sphere after a reload. This "boss rush" had a Gutsman that did nothing but auto-heal about 2000 HPs every turn for at least 20 turns after I'd killed the other two bosses. There was no way to win, so I reloaded.

The second just occurred and has really pissed me off. I finished all three spheres in sim course three normally. I went and happened to hit A to talk to the soldier outside the door to Alia's room. I asked him about Prime Attacks. When that whole dialog was done, it auto-launched the dialog again, and I said Nevermind. It auto-launched again, and again, and again...and now I have to go clear sim course three AGAIN because I didn't get a chance to save after beating it.

odd key

how do u get the odd key please someone tell me i really need to finish this game

argh, 2 more bug :(

during the first stimulation, during the first boss fight, when the boss used a stun skill on X, X got permn stun, at least 20 turns has passed(yes i am too underlevel) but well, X still wasn't able to act

Another glitch happen to Zero when he managed to get his limit break, he just froze there, so it is up to Axel to save the day :(

Well, i only managed to find these 2 other glitches, well, if u want, i could pm u once i find more glitches :D

anyway good job, well the dialog was filled with some typos but other than, its quite a good job and ya, like the guy below me wrote, some of the sprite doesn't blend well with each other so it doesn't look really nice.

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Jun 20, 2009
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