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Mario Meets yoshi

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The movie isn't over until you can see the word END. Keep watching until then even thuogh it may seem like it's over.

Mario isn't such a nice guy after all.
Enjoy and please review.

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Were they on Mount. Everest?
Because that was one hell of a fall!

R.I.P Yoshi.T.T

Alexman159 responds:

he actually happened to be next to a bottomless pit. you gotta watch out for them. they'll get ya

wtf?? lol

how cod you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rip yoshi *sob*

Alexman159 responds:

do u mean cold?

i love yoshi

YOSHI Y YOSHI!?!?!?!?!?!

Alexman159 responds:

are you kidding? i got a 0 because i killed a yoshi? seriously what are you 5?

poor yoshi

i cant beleve mario did that

Alexman159 responds:

i can. i do it all the time when i play mario games