Pants Off Men - A Remake

June 20, 2009 –
July 11, 2009
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The first was so beautiful that I had to make another. This sequel spoofs almost all of the lyrics in the song, and also has much better graphics. Not to mention that this song is so epic that it brings tears to my eyes, usually when I'm slicing onions.



The subtitles thing is an oldie but my God you didn't fail to please with this random short. This was too weird and too damn funny. Great job!

This is more awesome then when the goth kids started doing the macarena to Nemesis from Shriekback at the goth club. You, Sir, deserve a cookie!

That was even more epic than the original!!!!! I can give you no less than top marks and "ein homosexueller farbiger Hauspreis" for your amazing work! (That's German for "a gay colored house award.") Hehehehe. Keep up the good work. 10, 5, and favorited!

Halfway though the end credits. (hmm, what if there's a fan that will actually check to see?)

awsum stuff, the song sounds german i think, but wut language is it
in anyway?

What the holy mother of f**k was that? Funny but psycho!

very amuseing

I like the art :D

i love Fajita XD XD XD X3 X3 X3

it was great,all it needs are some side lirics,u know,like on youtube\
great idea on the german akcent
the lyrics are sOOooOO twisted

This was a crazy little flash but quite fun to watch,the music had random lyrics but a very catchy beat and the animation was good as well,overall i enjoyed this flash very much. =)

This is so silly...that is good


As a german i say its a redicioulus translation,but hey it was very funny,and yeah,random.There was definitly a huge amount of humor in it,and funny drawnings.And that is what the flash is all about.Laughing like crazy.Keep up the good Work!

love your stuff man

=) nice

Haha this is just like the movie from OneyNG on youtube!
"Hold Devil's Pot of Tea" is the name, you really gotta check that out Peter, it's like your movie!

Damn fun idea you got there.
The singer sounds like Bruno Kramm from Das Ich.. what is the song called?
great job&continue the good work.

i love randomeness, I love the music, animation, everything else!!!!!


Gay colored house! Kill all gays :D Pants of MEN!!!!!!!!!


very successful! awesome! imba! epic!

the song was german i guess. but im dutch so i could actually uderstand it for a bit
making it a bit less funnier, But still Really awesome.
Nice animation to. Funny dialogs

lol lol lol, Emo bear, gay houses, pants off man... er lLoLl?

That was super wonderful it was so random it worked.

I too fight for emo bear rights

awsome work

say hi to buffolax when you see him

This is the kind of thing that will remain in my subconscious fo the rest of the day! Well done to you, Sir!

That song is Panzermensch, an old favorite of my festivalbuddies...

Brilliant "reinterpretation" of it, sir! ;D

HA HA HA HA! truly a masterpiece..

5/5, 10/10, fav'd (Y) :D

I love your style of artwork and your sense of humour.
As well as your animations. The earth and moon were cute :3
Nice work!
5'd and 10'd!

WTF?! Iam german and i understand every single word. But too missunderstand it, or use the words in english makes it so funny, i cant stopping Rolling On Floor Laughing xD Just Genius!

Has anyone noticed that the song text is actually german? But the author somehow found similar sounding words in english, thus the incoherent seeming animations.

Recognising this, there is no other choice for me than giving this brilliant effort the maximum score.

10 : really nice animation and song.
The real song was "Panzermensch", but the misheard version is really funny! :D
Great job!

I can't give it a 10, because the animation and graphics were somewhat lacking, but the entire thing was just hilarious. Granted, I had no idea what was going on, but I was laughing the whole way through. Great job.

This was great man. Hilarious lyrics and fun art/animation. A fantastic all-around creative effort. [5/5]

Nice song choice. Great animation too. I have watched this on your site also and enjoyed it just as much. You should put your Lawl Rolled thing on here.

I liked the graphics and the song choice. but i ESPECIALLY liked the loading screen, that hourglass thing was awesome.

Haha, man I dig this, I watched the other first since you mentioned this is a remake. The first is good, but this one is a lot better. Great work. Fav'd :)

Nice graphics, but it got tiring looking at the same basic thing about four times over.

Try to be more creative in the future.

Great job, especially the lyrics ! The animation is cool and this song is really epic.
As you can see my favorite part is: "Sniperrrr rights, emo bearrrr rights!"
Where the hell did you find this song?


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