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this is just a test it want be on here long cause i'll take it off.
so don't fallin love with it!

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I like it!

Even though its just a test, I hope that it is a test for something bigger and better. Also, position options and such could be good for your later production...if you decide to do one that is. It would be a shame if we never saw this again, better or not, and that is something I hope won't happen. Besides, I like things like this...every once and a while.

4/5 and 8/10 from me.

I kinda Like it

Why take it off? Leave it here. If you do take it off, please bring it back, only better!

Tim-Simmons responds:

i will bring it back and it will be better!

Nicely done, a bit under expectation though.

Definitely an improvement in artwork compared to last submission. Animation was way under my expectation because all that's going on is a dragon rubbing it's big scaly cock on a girl with nothing showing :C

Also, if you right click and press 'Forward' four times, you'll discover a different version of the dragon. ;)

Tim-Simmons responds:

lolz your the first one to find that, nice job


Well was expecting more than a dragon rubbing it's penis on her ass. Disappointing, very!! Good animation though. -.-'


I have to admit its exactly as advertised.
Decent animation.
*Cough* Good work.