Sparks and Dust

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Scour the icy lands, smashing the snow and earth to uncover all sorts of secrets. Getting to the end isn't so tough, but can you find the hidden bosses and mysterious red shards?

Left and Right: Move
Space: Press once to jump, twice to double jump, three times to smash the ground. Hold space to float.
Down or S: Use focus (your next attack will smash the ground harder, you'll do double damage, you'll hurt blocking enemies)
While floating, you can absorb enemy shots. If you absorb 3 shots and release float, you will retaliate with one of three powerful spells. Absorb 8 shots (without touching the ground) and you'll release one of three REALLY powerful spells.
While floating, you'll be boosted upwards (and thus can float longer) if you grab any powerups mid-air or absorb any shots.

New for version 1.1:
* Loading time is 3 times faster!!!
* There is now a little bit of story to glue the whole experience together - it's not Tolstoy or anything, but maybe it adds a little bit of interest
* I added in a bunch more hints for some of the puzzles that were maybe too obscure.



nice made but exremely boring


I don't understand this game. The physics are very good along with the artwork but the gameplay itself is hard to understand, linear, basic, gloomy and rather boring. I was on for about 20 minutes and kept saying: "It'll get better" but it didn't. I recommend: More attacks, less basic and linear levels, upgrades, easier attacking system. The three stars I gave it were simply awarded for the artwork and physics. It does have some potential however, just a few tweaks.

Very cool mechanics.

I look at this game and I see it functioning better than that of regular games. The way this plays and the different controls you gave the character are on par with regular rpgs, like that of tales of symphonia and that is really what make this game cool. Never mind the already stellar graphics, and the nice little messages here and there about the story or just to help you, it's the neat tricks you can do that seem so amazing in general to see that really makes this game something else. Very cool game to say the least.

One of my favorites

I remember playing this a while ago- still one of the best. The art, the music, the style, and especially the look and feel of the character. Its more of a nine or eight technically- it has something of a thrown together feel- but I love it.

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Has Potential...

First off the positives. The atmosphere is great. The fog and the creepy enemies give you the sense of isolation. Attacks also shape the environments, something that you really should build upon on some more. (For Example: Using this ability to dig into the ground and collapse a section of concrete onto enemies). There are interesting concepts that center around the story, but there really isn't enough to grasp huge interest. Just like a great book, a great game needs to grab your attention from the beginning. It really doesn't have to be anything epic really, just something forceful enough to get the player hooked long enough to get into the game. Also, at the HUB, you shouldn't place the first level at the far end.

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4.12 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2009
3:20 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other