Fizz (Episode 1)

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EDIT: Thanks for frontpage Tom, and thanks to all the reviewers!

NOTE: Be sure you have the latest flash player before watching this!

This cartoon is the first in what will hopefully become a series from me, entitled Fizz! It follows a guy named Fizz, who, through a series of events was given the power to control and manipulate soda, as well as gain special abilities when he drinks it! Sadly in this episode, I wanted to establish Fizz's personality more than anything, so you don't get to see him use any of his powers, but hopefully you'll still get a chuckle out of it.

I want to really thank my voice actors for doing an excellent job, and getting there lines in to me promptly, be sure to check out there pages if you ever need some voice work done!

So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy Fizz!



the audio is funny but why did you like make it look so some of the pic is cut out. no faces or the evil guys

Jimtopia responds:

If I understand your complaint correctly you probably need to update your Flash player.

Pretty good

The animations are great but it was too short and it was funny.

Jimtopia responds:

Longer episodes, got it. :)


LoLz that thing on his face is silly looking looks more like big Teeth

Jimtopia responds:

lol yeah I'll have to fix that come episode 2.

i have an idea

how about you cram a shoddily animated flash with shitty, stereotypical, self-aware jokes so that maybe people will pass on realising how pathetically boring and unoriginal your flash is. because if you're able to parody all the crummy flashes out there that take themselves seriously (even though this flash, paradoxically, is also taking itself seriously) then you must be great enough to have some sort of genius, creativity, or at least a little intellect, right? wrong.

Jimtopia responds:

Uh oh, someone didn't like my humor; whatever will I do? Look it's fine that you have an opinion about this, but you sound like such an asshole I don't think I'd want you watching this series anyway.


simple, but complex
can't say i didn't start laughing half way through
the blooper was great too(how's your throat by the way?)
this is an excellent of original animation, keep it up!

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Jimtopia responds:

Fatkidwitajetpack survived his coughing endeavor.

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4.11 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2009
1:11 PM EDT
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