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Tom's Wife

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My first real flash animation.

Enjoy! Please.

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It must have been hard to bury her

This was a very fun cartoon because it was just so wacky and took refuge in how ridiculous it was. I thought you were going to go for a more obvious joke and have the guy really having an affair with her. Hmmm, well maybe that did happen and you just did not say so. What's truly cool is how well the animation flows. I had no idea that his wife was still alive, but at least she's dead now. When I first saw the title, I thought you were talking about Tom Fulp's wife!

Well, let's hope his wife doesn't end up with the fate of this wife. I liked how there was no color except for the red roses. Hey, for all we know, his wife could have been a zombie so he had every justification to kill her like that! It's also neat how the image at the end stays the same way until you replay it. This was great fun for a quick laugh.


I see why he was so down, it must be hard to bury ur own wife (especially if she was still alive)

A great first try.

This was very nice for this being your first flash animation,though there wasn't much in animation with no background and simple character designs the script was funny and the voice acting was great also the end was hilarous,overall this wasn't fantastic but it was a good watch so keep on practicing and you will be truly great in both art and flash animation.

rjgraham responds:

Nice and balanced, Molotov. Good review, 8/10.

Better than RAB, and LOL..........

That is a very funny and sadistic little flash!

Conspiracy? One only wonders......:p

rjgraham responds:

I wouldn't call it sadism. 'Justice', maybe?

was pretty funny.

it was good but... i disagree with mohawkorz it isnt better than rab

rjgraham responds:

RAB is frackin' awesome, I won't disagree there. Thanks for the positive score, Andrewp.