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Jungle Level Beta

rated 3.17 / 5 stars
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Jun 19, 2009 | 12:58 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Hi NG, I'm uploading this to get feedback on how to improve the final game, this exact level won't be in the final flash ( the MC platforms, etc will be in it though).
Also, pardon the basic character design but I'm still making the robot's sprite ( it's arms are too rigid atm and I'm redrawing it).
Levers have a blue glow.
Arrow keys (Left and Right) - Left and Right
SPACE key - Jump
Shift+Arrow Keys - Run
CONTROL key - Activate lever

Things that will (hopefully) be in the final game:
A HUD ( heads up display) with Stamina and Health;
Perhaps a certain amount of lives per level;
Possibly a save system;
Enemies (AI is a possiblity too);
More levels (duh);
Better graphics;
And more hazards.

Constructive criticism (and any additions to the game) is welcome.
Thanks by the way.

Thanks for the great feedback, these ideas should really help improve the game.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good beginning

The up key should be jump, if you're not using that for anything. That way, my hand don't have to stretch as far. Or you could make both space and up keys jump. Also there was a bug, where if you stand under a moving platform, and it comes down on you, it just goes through you, and then when it hits the ground, you jump up on it. I like the music, and the graphics (except for the player). Good start!

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Bluefox77 responds:

I agree with you on having the up key for the jump instead of space.

Also, sorry about the platform problem, I forgot to do all of them ( only two have the "crushing" ability).


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I actually kinda liked it

music works, the world works, everyting works, lol, better tehn i could dream of doing

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A good start

I really didn't experience the problems everyone else did. As for basics, it was decent. Nothing really flashy for now can give a little more insight on how things are progressing. As mentioned, a power up system would be nice, as well as more obsticles, but you pretty much nailed some of the key elements missing in your description of things to (hopefully) come.

Just a random suggestion for a stage. Maybe one like old school games where the screen auto scrolls from left to right and you have to jump to different platforms while defeating enemies that are on them to add more challenge. Maybe even a story because most games have a story to know what your goal is (can change midway through as well). Nothing too much needed in the story, just a little insight like the character background or something.

Rating lower now for the so far project, guaranteed higher rating when the flash is finished. Good luck, and thanks for showing intrest in my music!

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Bluefox77 responds:

Thanks, I'm going for about 5 areas at the moment (each with two or three levels), but I'll most likely add a stage that differs from the platforming genre of the game ( a side shooter or a 1st person turret defence, like from Dead Space when destroying asteroids).

I like the idea of auto side scrolling stage, like something from Mario ( the older ones).


Rated 4 / 5 stars

pretty cool

I was playing around on it it seems like it will be a good platformer though it seemed a bit slow paced their wasn't much of a challenge to it.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

it's pretty good so far

good sountrack