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Gudeballs is a puzzle game, an action game, a time management game all bundled up into a single package!

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Great game

An amazing concept with fine graphics, good job!

Good Game

But the levels do take to long

Interesting concept

The concept is very good indeed. It kinda takes micromanaging to a completely different level. Thoroughly challenging.

But I think the downfall of this is the control system. Managing all those things at once with only the mouse is almost ridiculous. And what made it worse was that the spots for clicking were so close to each other. I had to click the exact centre of the plate to make it turn and if I was only a little bit off I'd accidentally send the ball rolling. It was incredibly difficult to control and because of this the gameplay became very linear. Instead of making it feel like a rush with many things going on at once - like turning wheels and shooting balls and getting everything done at the same time - it ended up being a slow painful process of carefully doing a plate at a time so as to not screw up the entire thing.

My suggestion. Change the controls to something more keyboard oriented. When a game like this requires multitasking, the mouse is never a good idea. There's only 1 pointer and it's only possible to do one thing at a time much slower than if it was controlled with some individual keys. assign turning of certain wheels to certain keys or assign the shooting direction to the arrow keys and every click is a select and the second click is rotate. Or something like. You need a wider range of controls.

If the controls are sorted out to be much more on the edge, the gameplay can go much faster. And when that happens then you have real excitement, which is lacking in this particular game.

The concept is very well thought out. Just the execution and interface needs more work.

Ok Game

Good game but each level I think lasts too long.

But that's my opinion.


This game is... well... AWESOME!

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3.32 / 5.00

Jun 19, 2009
8:51 AM EDT