Takuto: Chapter 0

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My art style reflects my want to tell a story. I'm the artist that doesn't pay attention to perfection. I humbly hope you can enjoy what I have presented.

A synopsis of the set up for the beginning of the story:

Takuto wants to become a professional magician, but he's failed the entrance exams for the school he wants to get into 3 years in a row. Returning to Oak Wood, he will try for his 4th year.

Thanks for watching. :-)

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Looks promising.

I liked the submission, shows a lot of promise for future releases. As with others I hope that the artistic side of the animation was rough for the demo, in a few scenes the drawing looks quite promising for a polished version. I look forward to seeing more, keep up the good work. ^_^

MarkHansAvon responds:

Thanks for the review, Xanthic. =)

I'm going to be releasing a lot of story to make up for the sketchy artwork.

Thanks again for watching.

Not bad

The plot looks pretty solid with plenty to expand on. The drawing of course is just for this demo I assume so I can't really rate you on the animation. The music was nice but wasn't really suitable for the start (more dramatic part where he failed for the first time). The voice acting was fine and I'm sure it'll get even better gradually.
Last thing is, maybe have a replay button at the end of the movie.

MarkHansAvon responds:

Thanks for the review Pensuke, thanks. :-)

I guess most people are assuming that the animation is a storyboard, or incomplete. The truth is, if within the future I can get people to fill it in, it really is right now in it's incomplete phase however if I keep working on it solo I am I will keep trying to crank out just as much in pencil form as would be able to be released in colored form if a team of people were filling it in every week.

Thanks again for the review Pensuke. And thanks to all who wrote reviews. =)

Sweet! This looks good :3

I think there should at least be some color though.

I do like the sketchy quick style, but some of it gets too sketchy at times, to the point where it feels really rushed. Anyways the story looks interesting and you obviously have oodles of drawing talent, so I hope to see episode 2 (or anything by you, for that matter) in the future. :P

MarkHansAvon responds:

Hey, thanks sefyz. =)

I get the 'you should add color' thing a LOT, and my drawings definitely are sketchy. A lot of them are drawn really fast so that I can crank out story pretty quickly, and I try to call it a 'stylistic' kind of thing.

The truth is, when I draw really really detailed and everything even though it is really fun, to me personally, it gets really stressful trying to tell the story. The reason is that having that ''standard'' throughout the entire course of the novels I want to tell gets stressful, due to me seeing and calculating that I may have to take about 10 years if it IS colored to finish the entire thing altogether (I do have a huge story that I want to ''get out to the world'').

If it were going to be just 10 chapters long, it might be fine, but I'm planning on gettings hundreds out. :-)

Thanks again for the review sefyz.

Looks good

Granted its only in the planning stage, but thats a really great step alot of animators dont go through.

Things to work on would be with voice acting
>>The timing - alot of long pauses in-between makes stuff sound unnatural and awkward
>>The emotion - Put more feeling into it.
(although that stuff may be that way since its only in planning)

I look forward to this. Good luck

MarkHansAvon responds:

Thanks for the review hawkmuffinz. :-)

The next clip (Chapter 1) will be interactive. I thought that the timing was set to kind of be like broken saints (I THINK that's the name of it...) or those Tokyopop iMangas. I'll still take note of it. It's something I should pay attention to in the future, as maybe just MAYBE if the timing is put shorter it'll sound more natural.

The emotion, visually...hmm...I'm still new at this whole art thing as crazy as it may sound. XD I'll do my best.

Thanks again for the review. =)

not really.

I'm not sure exactly why this is so hard to follow, but it is indeed. Some is because your drawings are UNFINISHED. It's not that they're "imperfect", they're unfinished, buddy. The music is completely inappropriate and it moves ridiculously slowly with all of your slideshow motion tweens. There's no action! No movement!

You NEVER put the words "narrating" in a speech bubble! I don't even know why you HAVE speech bubbles. Why? What are they for? For the deaf viewers? Okay.

Your spelling/grammar is poor.

Good scanning and recording quality. I'd like to mention, though, that the teacher sounds ridiculous. She sounds she's in porn.

Your use of story elements is promising, but you seriously need to work on your entertainment factor. Maybe study some animations. Even your dialogue was way off.

MarkHansAvon responds:

Aw, I didn't realize my spelling was poor...damn....I know it's gonna make me look like a fool (in all honesty I am one), but what did I spell wrong?

I never realized.... I think she might of overacted now that I hear it again... Hmmm... I'm really not sure about that, I'll have to bring it up with her next time I chat with her.

Thanks for the review. :-)

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Jun 19, 2009
3:27 AM EDT
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