The Line Ultimatum 2

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This is my second line ultimatum, and it was really fun to make. I took a lot of the comments I received from the first one, and attempted to implement them as best I could in this one. That includes trying to help it make sense, though it ended up not making much sense at all. Well, one can try!

I hope you like it, and if you could please recommend this for the experimental section, that would be great! THANK YOU!



I was expecting some joke flash like maybe just a single frame or two of something happening, but I'm glad to say it was at least better than I thought it would be. While obviously it didn't take that long to make, at least everything moved pretty fluidly.

Ajgajg responds:

I'm glad I surprised you. I hope you took the time to watch my other one, and I hope you'll see the next one, once it is finished. Thanks for taking the time to write a review.

not terrible, i guess...

...but definitely not as good as your first one.
i thought i remembered your first one so i went and watched it and it`s a lot better than this one. LONGER, for one thing.

i liked some parts, like the first fast spiraling, when the music swelled. and the climbing black square-ish things on the right. you have talent, for sure...you just need to practice frame by frame more, and spend more time on your next one, so it`s longer.

Ajgajg responds:

Thanks for the great advice, the first one was longer, next time I'll make sure it's longer. Hopefully you like my next one more! Thanks for the comment!

This makes sense?

It's a nifty idea, really, but it made no sense. Whatsoever. I mean.. The shapes you made were new, but they didn't require any sort of animation skill or time. Everything probably took like a few seconds to make. The music and the joke at the end were great, but without them it would've failed.

Ajgajg responds:

Ya, I think maybe I didn't really want it to make sense, and have a short of rushed view, because this is supposed to show life, and life is frantic, doesn't always make sense, and is brutally short. Thanks for the comments!

It's ok

It's interesting and exciting, i dont know what besides that it is. whatever it may be, a little polishing, and an increased length and it will be an excellent... thing.

Ajgajg responds:

I noticed this one was a little short, thanks for the tips.

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Jun 18, 2009
5:19 PM EDT
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