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oh god what

First of all, the actual tutorial was so horrible, that I actually suffered multiple collapses of my internal organs.

None of your "instructions" were helpful, or actually right in this matter, and it is tutorials like these that spawn the worst tributes.

You had typos everywhere, and it was impossible to understand what gibberish you were trying to convey. I haven't seen a capital letter in the entire movie. Your "character designs" were unoriginal, uninspiring, and basically just the original madness characters with added glasses and blood, which, I may add, you stole from various madness artists.

Added is the fact that there was no mute button, thus I was forced to listen to that bloody song that everyone seems to put in their madness movies. I mean, come on, you even ripped off the SOUNDTRACK.

Also I'm guessing that the frame rate was 12, so I truly hope that this tutorial isn't an example of your animation skills, but I know it probably is.
Don't release a tutorial unless you are actually good at making movies.

If this review is rated abusive then you have no idea how untalented you are.


Weird,not really a tutorial,Most people already know bout makin characters,but I applaud you for trying,next time teach people how to walk and organize layers,k?

this can be called a tutorial?

this sucks, first of all, no one can learn with this, first, upload somehing decent, then, upload things more bigger, but this? WTH is?

Jesus christ, man.

It seems kind of contradictary that you're trying to explain how to make a custom character, and yet all of your sprites are ripped. If the head goes UNDER the body, then you need to put the head on it's own layer like you're SUPPOSED to do. If it's still under the body, then you have no sense of layer arrangement.

"TH HARE AND GALSES ARNT RIPED" Because I saw that one coming.