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Chopper game where you fly through a battlefield chasing a specified target within a time limit. Each level you can upgread your craft with your bounty

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Not bad but...

Alright, bad news first:

I didn't really feel I had control of the chopper. Using up for power felt weird and gave a false sense of difficulty. I literally had to fight with the controls to be able to lock on. If I were able to control it through some type of mouse or forward-backward arrow scheme, I might have liked it more.

Good news, the upgrades are pretty good, I liked the music and the graphics are great. Other than my one issue with the controls, I don't see much wrong with this game. Good job. :)


It's like that flash game those kids are obsessed with, Helicopter Game, though that's not necessarily a good thing.

Turn offs were the music, enemies, and lack of continues. Music is the same, no matter if I kill an enemy, sit at the main menu, crash into a building, or regular flying. There's no oomph to it, and flying a helicopter in a dogfight is supposed to be badass. The enemy vehicles were constantly repeated, just being a bomber or an enemy heli or some sort of jet. But the main killer was whenever I died, I had to do the whole. Thing. OVER. Say I got 5 levels in. I crash into a building by accident. I'm stuck all the bloody way back at the first level with 0 upgrades. Screw playing it again.

Turn ons were limited ammo and timer, allowing a challenge to the scenario and a sense of urgency, but still giving us chances to get speed ups, gain money, replenish our ammo stock, and the wonderful ability of a shield to negate those bombs dropping on our precious rotors. A game isn't a game without a challenge, and a game still isn't a game without the chance to make it somewhat easier on yourself.

Overall, it was worth a play and about ten to fifteen minutes of my time. I would play more if there was a damned continue button, though. That really killed the replay value of this game.

good job

a pretty enjoyable game...I had fun with it...very goo job there!!!


it was a fun and well thought out game keep it up!!

Overly fast-paced, simple arcade game.

While the controls and objective are fairly simple, and various additional dangers develop each level's difficulty, the large accelerations that you must deal with, and the lack of any other controls on the helicopter other than the up/down collective makes it somewhat hard to maneuvre, and disappointing when an unforseen skyscraper rapidly appears from nowhere into the very small fighting space and wipes you out.
Though the game fits the bill for a fast paced high-score arcade game quite well, and the pauses for upgrades that aren't too easily affordable are good, I still think it would be improved by slightly reducing the gain on the gravity/throttle accelerations to something more sensible.

Credits & Info

4.52 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2009
9:15 AM EDT