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Exploding Head Syndrome

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Jun 18, 2009 | 4:52 AM EDT

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SEHS (Sudden Exploding Head Syndrome), also known in the pseudo-scientific community as Spontanious Cranial Eruption, or SCE, is a condition believed to be caused by overloading the brain with the body's own electricity through intense thinking, severe constipation, and concentration, resulting in the spontaneous combustion or a volatile explosion of the patient's head. However, there are other possible causes.

Though SEHS is widely accepted by experts as a fatal disease, they'd be wrong because it's a condition, however briefly. In some certain individuals (also known as godless Communists or X-Men), once the brain ceases all thought, the head reforms with startling regularity.
For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia think they have an article very remotely related to SEHS.

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* 2 Origin
* 3 Sudden Un-Asploded Head Syndrome
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[edit] Medical Condition
A late, lamented sufferer of SEHS. (Photograph was taken with a long range ...uh, camera specially modified for capturing incidents of SEHS).

SEHS is not a genetic disease. Anyone can get it by doing naughty things. There is no cure, save to rip your head open and expose it to the vacuum of space, which really kind of defeats the point. Much like Decapitation Disease and Chicken Pox, it is very rare for a person to experience SEHS more than once in a lifetime, and the lack of a head generally prevents memory of the experience from persisting.
[edit] Origin

The affliction of SEHS began when the famous author, H. G. Wells, wrote a book called The Time Machine. Upon reading the novel, people were prompted to ask the question:

If I went back in time and changed the future, wouldn't it mean that in that future I wouldn't have wanted to go back in time and change the future, which would mean that I never went back in the first place, which would mean that I would have wanted to go back into the future, which would mean that I didn't but...


Because human beings in this part of history had no defence (and some still don't) against infinite time loop paradoxes the human brain would often overload and burst, ruining everyone's nice Victorian clothing.
Nikolai Titov's magically-reforming head.

The Time Machine was banned for, well, a time before resurfacing in the 1980s under the name of The Terminator, causing a massive outbreak of SEHS in all of the major cities in North America. Many of the finest and most intelligent minds of our century were wiped out by this debilitating condition. This helped cause the New York Blackouts, American Idol, Big Brother and inspired most of the special effects in Dawn of the Dead. In fact, Albert Einstein had finally refined his theory of relativity when his brain violently a-sploded. Because of its immense size, the asplosion splattered through most of the White House, and the presidential aides had to quickly inform the President of the massive stain. Fortunately, this incident later inspired the A-Bomb.

This disease was also observed in the 1994 Moscow Candidate Masters' Chess Championships, in which one chess player, Nikolai Titov, concentrated so hard that his head literally a sploded in the middle of a game, splattering all over his opponent, Yuri Shergar. However, reports claim that the following day, a somewhat shell-shocked Titov was sighted, complete with a new head: Shergar's.
[edit] Sudden Un-Asploded Head Syndrome
One of the many billions of causes of SEHS.

In many cases, the brain does not produce sufficient thoughts to set off the proper chain reaction. This condition is known as Sudden Una-sploded Head Syndrome (SUHS). It is considered less dangerous than SEHS, but can cause delusional states, erratic behavior, faith in inconsistent and illogical religions, and an inability to answer questions without help from a speaker in your back. It may also make one more susceptible to choking on pretzels than ordinary folks.

Sadly, unknown amounts of



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well you know what we think about this but,
why a long spam comment? do the words work like tags?

vk3fgcp responds:

who says it is spam, It is just a definition of the subject. Yes, they probably work as tags, but that was not the intention.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


good animation, but kind of short, also i agree with Starfox64x it need some kind of sound, a popping noice would have been good :D

vk3fgcp responds:

Kind of light for a guy's head exploding, wouldn't you think?
But yeah, better than nothing...


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Needs sound... some explosion or a popping noise... maybe just a light fart noise, but it needs something... other than that, nice animation.

vk3fgcp responds:

Might try that... I wasn't actually expecting this to get past judgment. =/


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What did you just do to my head?

Why did you tell me all of these things? Am I supposed to care?

Your animation is good, but that rant kind of defeats the object of me even saying that.

vk3fgcp responds:

I copy-pasted it from Uncyclopedia.