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Evidently this got front paged, I personally hadn't checked NG in a bit and I completely missed it (doubt anyone has a screenie, lol) haha, sucks, but thanks to everyone who viewed this little short and Tom for puttin' it on the FP :].

I invite you all to taste the brew that is tea. If not, I'm sure this animation will offer several plausible and rational reasons as to why it should be your new beverage of choice.

This animation was sort of sloppily done, and rushed. I just wanted to finish something of decent length really. I would say this doesn't accurately reflect my artistic skill, but there is some cool fbf in this anim. took about 12-15 hours total on and off.



wtf x)


He teabagged EVERYONE. Literally. Sweet flash.

Rather silly

It made me laugh.


I loved the way a lot of it was animated, especially the segments where you used whatever that off white color was. It was pretty enjoyable, especially the old man.

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This makes me happy.

It's probably the care-free music and the silly animation, but this flash makes me feel all tingly inside. I loved the moustached man's expression on his face once the tea was thrown at him. The animation was really good, I would have preferred some color on there, but I still thought this was amusing. The way you animated the man trying tea for the first time looked spectactular, I'm not even kidding, you emphasized that part extremely well.

I am not a fan of tea, but this flash could make me reconsider. The part with the sandbox was also pretty funny, I like your obscure sense of humor. I'm suprised this is not well know, it is a true gem indeed. Great job on this, it was just shy of having a perfect score in my book. Good luck in the treasure hunt and keep up the excellent work!

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4.12 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2009
8:29 PM EDT
Comedy - Original