Gravitex 2

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Give your ball just enough power to zoom around orbs in space, grab all the coins, and slip through the portal! This physics-based game contains 100 levels, saved games, and even a level editor!

UP / DOWN arrows - Change Power
LEFT / RIGHT arrows - Change Angle
SPACE - Fire
R - Reset

Enjoy! :D

*Try using the level creator to make a level, and leave the level code in a comment!*

**Thanks for the frontpage Tom!**



nice game... i love the level editor... none of my levels are done though except this crappy one

start hero,29,241 finish,445,407 grav,695,0,8.9 repel, block,198,357,2.1,0.3;199,450,2.1,0.3 ;169,420,0.3,0.3;161,347,0.3,0.3;135,
405,0.3,0.3;131,315,0.3,0.3 coin,398,425,1;41,277,1;356,434,1;312 ,437,1;273,438,1;225,427,1;180,405,1;
129,377,1;100,336,1;64,299,1 end

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Awesome job!

For the players:

Level | Power | Angel
Lv8 100% 35.
Lv9 100% 122 / 100% 117 / 96% 127
lv10 100% 95
lv11 100% 90
lv12 100% 95
lv13 100% 154
lv14 100% 112 / 58% 144
lv 15 100% 345 / 73% 337

For the author:
Great game :) I thought I'd be disappointed (considering I wasn't a huge fan of the first game. However the minor things that were changed in this game made me love it! Great job :D 5/5 10/10 No flaws here whatso ever. This type of game I believe has been about perfect in this installation.

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Fun but I ran into a glitch I think.

My angel goes around by itself. Is this a glitch or feature?

This was fun

start hero,29,474 finish,433,464 grav,569,286,1;485,429,1;107,132,1 repel,241,417,1.2;302,144,1.4 block, coin,253,288,1;467,500,1;586,114,1;45 7,145,1 end
I like mine, it looks easy, but, well, its kind of easy, heh.

Frankly, I really liked this game, and the level editer was a really nice touch.

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Pretty fun

start hero,334,495 finish,340,26 grav,349,248,3.4 repel,430,393,0.3;477,348,0.3;502,300 ,0.3;509,243,0.3;503,189,0.3;477,144,
0.3;445,119,0.3 block, coin,433,475,1;514,421,1;564,352,1;58 7,278,1;577,200,1;551,133,1;519,83,1;
468,53,1;400,30,1 end

Try and get more than 3 coins.

The game itself was pretty good, but I found myself struggling to get a few coins.

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Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2009
4:45 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other