Dream vs Real

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Stickmen are great!! And this animation is great too! Dream vs Real! What is real and what is not?



that would suck if my poop screamed


You know, I generally don't like stick flix that much, but your's was really very strange...which is a good thing. Honestly, if you can draw stuff like the monster with all the eyes, why are you even messing around with stickmen? I know he's kind of a stick man, but still, you've got some neat stuff going on here. I'd love to see what you came up with if ditched the sticks, and spent like 4 months on something. It would probably be awesome.

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RedEssence responds:

Thanks. I made this flash in one week XD And i use sticks beacouse they're easily to animate!

Good start. Keep it up.

You seem to be a creative person which is why overall I liked this flash and I gave you a break of a seven instead of my five. But uhh...I'd listen to Tmfiore. It seems that everything that you need to do will come in time if your patient.

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RedEssence responds:

Thank You!


This was a decent animation, but it was kind-of dull. The background illustrations weren't very good, they were quite un-professional looking. That is what you want to aim for. If you drew them yourself it might be better, it fits better with stick figures if you ask me.

Some music would make it less dull, the silence makes it seem more interesting. The same goes for any kind of action video, it is always better with some good fast paced music in the background.

Keep working on animation. If you use your ideas with the right animation and use the right techniques to make it seem better to the viewer, you will have some great videos.

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RedEssence responds:

Ok! Thank You for help! But at this moment this is my MAX power on Flash XD


I like your surrealist artstyle!! :D

RedEssence responds:

Thank You !

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2.85 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2009
2:47 PM EDT
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